vampires & dust bunnies


cat with broomSo the other day —

This horrible thing happened. It was the bird day. [You are so tired of birds, right? Screw you. I like the birds. Anyway.] It was a perfect day in California. And I ripped all the windows open and all the blinds open and fed birds and I was semi delirious from lack of sleep, having pulled an all nighter, or probably would not have been so reckless, and —

Holy. Mother. Of. God.

The carpet. The windows. The – everything. Had this faint element of uncertain and insidious grime. Like, in corners in rooms? There was this build up of dust on the carpet threatening to be full blown dust stegosauruses or something. Listen, that is only supposed to happen underneath furniture where you never look. But, there it was, in all that stark freakish California sun. A threat to become full blown dust monsters without benefit of cover.


So. Now I have to go fix all this. As in, vacuum. Ahhh! Wash windows. Ahhh! Beat out screens. Ahhh!


where the art work comes from :
that is cat with the broom from redart

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  1. Good for you, Max! Some folks might be tempted to just close the windows and blinds … at least, so I’ve heard …

    *shifty eyes*

  2. max

    Okay I think you kind of missed the point but thank you for playing.

  3. i so love coming here.

    windows and heart wide open!

  4. Awww that is such a cute graphic. Almost makes me want to haul off and get a kitten. (If that cat’s little paws were on that broom I’d already have a name for my cat).

  5. max

    Yeah I really love that photo. [Say, what do you think would happen if we opened up all of Ballgames windows? That is pretty funny to me.] Thanks, Kim.

  6. It could be worse. It could smell like rotten sushi!


  7. Now wait a sec – you cannot dismiss your dust bunnies. You must teach them to box – and give them little outfits!

    (You cannot break tradition!)

  8. max

    Good point. Tradition it is.

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