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vampire_girl_smI am addicted to —

This game Vampire Wars over on Facebook. I love this game. Also Fashion Wars but that is not where it gets funny.

On Vampire Wars you have clans and the more other vamps you have in your clan the stronger you are and then you go fight people and people unwise enough to leave their valuables out instead of stashing them, well you fight them more because you get their stuff each time you beat them.

So I am reading the comments on this one vamp person’s page and this one person is bitching she got hit and saying, “Yeah, she came out of nowhere and robbed me IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!”

And this player is outraged. Seriously outraged.

Um, hello? “Vampire” Wars? When were you expecting a vampire attack? At noon?


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  1. Sophia and I used to do another version of Vampire Wars. I don’t remember being able to steal each others things. We were crazy with that thing for a while. Food fight was fun too, you know Sophia, she’d throw a drumstick at me and say, “Take this biatch!”

  2. max

    Well it is not really stuff it is “blood” but that sounds kind of weird to say.

    Sophia cracks me up.

  3. I’m thinking this was the thing that got people so worked up with the new FaceBook. It seems as if we bit someone or threw something at them we could send messages with it.

    Anyway, bite me, you vamp. I wanna play.

  4. Turning your FaceSpace “friends” into an army of subterranean fiends and attacking other ppl is the *only* justifiable use of the technology.

  5. Stiletto

    And here you thought Facebook was a device of the devil!

  6. max

    Well I am sure it definitely is but I am entranced by any game that tells you that you need more rage.

  7. At last Ive found out about vampire wars, thanks Max. I’m gonna give it a go.

  8. max

    It is fun. Confusing as hell when you first start out but in early levels you do not pay too high a price for not knowing what you are doing.

  9. Steve Feddersen

    Im looking for some kind of vampire forum where i can add to my clan on vampires. Can anyone help me? thnx Steve

  10. max

    Hi, Steve. There are a lot of Facebook Vamp Wars forums. I know a lot of people are also playing on MySpace but I do not know how that works because I never did MySpace.

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