use the radioactive ooze!

In college, I could not sneak out for a smoke or sleep through the anthropology classes. Betil was a forensic anthropologist and a respected primatologist and very very smart and very very strict. You showed up, you turned off the recorders, and you shut up, listened and learned.

Well mostly.

use the radioactive ooze!

Okay that is not my test. Also I am not admitting the “you are hot do you work out?” notes on math tests that terrorized that newlywed math teacher into giving me A’s instead of reading and grading my exams.

where i lifted this turtle :
“like all things spanish, it is dangerous”
at missed manners

more fun with tests :
they totally studied

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  1. aj

    I am going to say this publicly and be shamed, but there was something mildy cool about the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

    Call me a fucking looney, but I am stepping outta the ninja turtle closet and declaring my admiration.

  2. max

    Um, I bought a teenage mutant ninja turtle stuffed animal.

  3. max

    [it was for art, damn it, i needed the model]

  4. aj

    Oh good, I am not alone in my admiration.

  5. max

    Nope. I share the shame. Oh the humanity.

  6. Hahaha.

    :D That page cracks me up every day. I used to draw Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles on tests all the time. I actually wondered if maybe, perhaps it was mine.

  7. The old school black and White TMNT comic was badassed. Very edgy and counter culture, with more in common with a Kurosawa aesthetic then the comics of the day. Then Eastman and Laird sold the rights and they became breakfast cereal mascots.

  8. At some level, it bothers me that I can still remember all the words (and tune) to the TV show’s theme song. It was my youngest son’s favorite bedtime song.

    “Hero’s in a half-shell!”

    And I will be pedantic to ask if that is an “L” on the belt, since it’s clearly Leonardo in the drawing.

  9. I lament the lost opportunity to buy Issue #1 ($$$).

  10. max

    “Breakfast cereal mascots”?

    Now we have to box and you are bigger than me. Damn.

  11. Vanessa

    Oooerrr… hehe..

    You’re bringing to mind many things here, but mainly that I need to delve into my own dodgy scribbling past…

    A pretty good likeness, I should say! :)

  12. max

    [psst, Vanessa, go link your spiffy new blog url into your profile]

  13. You’re a darling….

    You have no idea. I’ve been moderated up to ^^^^^^

    Does this work?

  14. Hahaha! I just tried to post a comment saying “woohoo!!” and I was told to slow down…

  15. I took my Hemingway & Steinbeck final in moose PJs, completely tanked after spending the morning having breakfast beer with my sociology professor. I got an A. It seemed very appropriate all around.

  16. My kids use to play with Ninja Turtles- they were about 3 and 4 years old at the time and my youngest use to have trouble pronouncing the names.

    One afternoon my in-laws were over visiting and all the kids were playing ” Ninja Turtles ” the kids were running round the house with the plastic swords and little figures in each hand and all of the sudden my three year jumps up on the couch shoves this little toy in one of my relatives faces and instead of yelling the character’s name – Sh’Okanabo- he totaly botches the name up and yells ” Aha! Fuck-you-oh-dumbo!”

    I can’t WAIT for him to have kids so I can tell THEM that story too.


  17. max

    Anita that is classic.

    Venessa, yay! Wait, I am getting a test pattern….

    You know that dream you have that you forget to show up for a final exam? I actually did that.

  18. max

    Ms Pants, the big question is, what were you doing in PJ’s at 7 am with your sociology professor?

    Jeez you racy girl.

  19. Strange, as it isn’t quite the end of broadcast yet…

    At least not to the kangaroos…

    You solved my more than niggling and head mungling problem. I pledge my eternal gratefulness to you…

    Maybe I should go back to university…

  20. max

    Someday, the don will ask for a favor….

  21. Ahh, I always took my finals in PJs. And always fun PJs. I had tree frogs, snowflakes, moose…. I worked at Nature Company so I got great pants/shirts PJs for mega cheap. I never actually slept in them, actually.

    Anyhoo–my sociology final was at 9am. We’d all turned in our projects already (Death & Dying, so we had to write out our own funeral services, complete with pricing, notary, etc.) so the Prof said “All you 21+ kids, let’s go to Monty’s!” The bar was on campus, very close to Adams Humanities where my H&S final was at 1pm. And they served Guinness. So ….

    (Truthfully, I used to schedule my classes around breakfast beers at Monty’s. A bunch of us did.)

    ((I still love breakfast beers.))

    (((And bowls.)))

  22. max

    College would have been a lot more fun if I had been single, I think. Also if you had been in one of my classes. [smile]

  23. The Don? Are you and my father in law in cahoots?

    I knew something was up there.. I’m going to call him tomorrow.

  24. max

    No way. I avoid most things law on general principle.

  25. Good move. Really.

    Is it just me, or is this place full of bugs? I just tried to post a reply to your comment on Tommy’s 5 times, I think? At a guess…

    Fuck it. I’ll just have a big whinge and do it on my own…

  26. “I avoid most things law” OH that’s funny.

  27. I mean ” avoid most things law” OH that’s funny : )

  28. max

    Still getting that suit to fit, Jennifer? That is funny.

    It has been acting up today Vanessa I am not sure why. Something is wonked with my cable too I cannot get in here on the landline, only using airport. God knows what the cable people have done to disturb and mess with me this time.

  29. Jesus Christ, am I the only one who is fascinated by the fact that Max terrorized a freshly married teacher?

    Those poor little turtles. I once knew of a guy who prodded one with a stick, it got stuck, and he roasted half of it during a bonfire. I can’t look at turtles now without thinking of that incident.

  30. My cable was wonked too but only cuz I didn’t pay the bill.

  31. You know, the cable companies should give us ‘free days’- mostly to make up for the fact that a dozen of the freaking channels I pay for are those shopping network channels.

  32. You know, the more I look at it, the more I realise I couldn’t possibly draw something like that. I have a spazzy hand. All over the joint. I would have a drawing hand transplant if I could… Even my paintings suck.

    I finished that bloody tag thing you did on Tommy’s page. Man… I’m too fucking exhausted to say more…

  33. Tommy tends to exhaust us. His posts, I mean. Sometimes he asks too much of us!

  34. max

    Stilletto, I can always count on you to notice the important stuff.

    I would totally email a man right now about dreams and movie scripts except I cannot send freaking email because the cable is messed up. I am back to read only till it sorts itself out. Aaaah!

  35. Anita, cable is ridiculously expensive and I’m tired of paying for it. I don’t watch a majority of the shit they play anyway. It’s all crap.

    Well, except Night at the Roxbury.

  36. Max, why don’t you email me the stuff? I promise to send it. [After I check it out first heehee].

  37. Oh, doi! I guess you can’t send email to anyone. Well, there goes that idea.

  38. max

    Oh you mock my pain.

  39. Hmm, I know where you can find some salve…

    Speaking of manwhore, where is he today? Oh, there he was, never mind.

  40. max

    He was about earlier but has not posted much today. Oh my fluttering heart.

  41. Even the jobless have pesky little responsibilites to tend to.

    Speaking of which, I have to go hang clothes. Arghhhh…

  42. max

    Oh no. Manual labor.

  43. “Even the jobless have pesky little responsibilites to tend to.”

    Impendingly jobless, thank you very much.
    And the manwhore has been getting his brains scrambled by pro fighters in a attempt to improve his boxing.

  44. And now he’s going drinking and carousing to burn some adrenaline off.

  45. max

    Uh oh. Did it work?

    [not the face!]

  46. max

    Oh it will be dull, Stilletto is hanging clothes and you are carousing. Sheesh.

  47. “[not the face]”

    Wasn’t that Arthur’s (the Tick’s sidekick) battle cry?

  48. max

    I do not know. I know it was what I was usually yelling when I ran away in martial arts class.

  49. Oh, it was somebody else called Max. Excuse me. I’m a bit thick.

  50. I am missing all the fun. Stilletto is talking about Max with a freshly married teacher and fuck I don’t know where this is coming from?

  51. Valliant has been demoted to manwhore? LOL Or is that an upgrade? I can’t be sure of these things……

  52. “Valliant has been demoted to manwhore?”

    (I should mention, as point of etiquette, that I am currently drunk like a motherfucker)

    I haven’t technical been a manwhore since my very early 20’s, some 8-9 years ago. Nowadays I’m actually quite selective, and downright deliberate in my getting down with lady folks.

  53. “Wasn’t that Arthur’s (the Tick’s sidekick) battle cry?”

    That is correct sir. And the Ticks was “Spoon!”

  54. Drunk blogging night and nobody told me…. ( look where the ex-man whore comes after hours)

  55. max

    Valliant, let’s spoon.

  56. Ahhh… the Ninja Turtles and The Tick. Now if we can just find a way to work in something with Animaniacs and Pinky and The Brain, my memories of the early 90’s cartoon heyday will be complete!

    One of my favorite “Tick quotes”:

    [after jumping off a tall building and landing on the ground] “Gravity is a harsh mistress.”

  57. Firm, I just had a tick flash back….. cool.

  58. Oh no… it’s spreading

  59. (Not making joke involving fork).

  60. Women spoon, men prefer to fork.

  61. max

    I am not sure that was the four letter word beginning with “f” you were looking for.

  62. max

    The technological disaster that is unfolding here has now in addition to email also taken out the ip phone.

    My use of four letter words that begin with “f” is so escalating here.

  63. You mother warned you about people like us lol

  64. max

    Yes, but where were you when I needed warnings about my mother?

    Oh calamity.

  65. Bwhahaha how awesome. I was always Raphael when I was younger, no reason why he appealed to me most? I should probably look up what the color red means, eh? Hehe thanks!

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