upstairs neighbor guy makes points


dog with friendSo I was kind of horrified —

When upstairs neighbor guy moved in. [Okay a lot horrified.] But the other night it was 3 a.m. And there was a lot of yelling and stomping coming from upstairs. And I thought, no way in hell will it make a difference if I email management right now, no way am I waking up management this late with a phone call — assuming anyone would even answer at 3 a.m which they would not. And — I am not calling cops just because some guys are stomping and yelling that is just dumb I have to go talk.


I trudged upstairs.

And I knocked.

[This is usually when things go horribly wrong in this building.]

Upstairs Neighbor Guy answered. And said sorry about the noise, he would take care of it, and thanks for talking to him.

And. The noise immediately went down.

Holy Virgin Mother of Christ. People do that? Get quiet because you just ask?

And say thank you for letting them know? Here? In this building?

[Also Upstairs Neighbor Guy has a nice dog. I am a sucker for dogs so that always make points with me.]

Then yesterday the music was sort of loud. So I went up. Knocked. He answered. I said hi to the nice dog. And he said sorry about the volume, thanks for letting him know. And instantly the music went down.

Upstairs Neighbor Guy is now so my favorite neighbor.


The dog picture is not really related to any of this I just thought it was a real cute dog pic.



where the art work comes from :
that is just when you thought he couldn’t get any cuter
from boeke

21 Responses to upstairs neighbor guy makes points

  1. Is new neighbor guy perve worthy?

  2. Yeah, my thoughts exactly – is he hot?

  3. initiate

    Maybe leave a nice little dog bone with a ribbon and a bottle of beer (or something else manly) in thanks? I mean, never hurts to also align yourself as “that nice neighbour below who really appreciates that I actually listen to her as I beat my wife more quietly.”

  4. I agree with initiate. Appreciative gestures will go far.

    I get noise complaints everywhere I move and let me just say how refreshing it is to get a person who’s not a bitch about it. Perhaps you two can work on a schedule when he can turn his music up. I did that with my last set of neighbors and everything worked out fine.

  5. max

    I am so conditioned to DVG and FRRG it is a shocker to have someone not just turn the volume down, but say thanks for letting them know.

  6. Hey! Good news in the Maxiverse! That’s pretty cool.

    (Were you wearing bright colored PJs? Notice any circular objects upstairs?)



  7. It’s always refreshing to discover that someone wasn’t raised by wolves. A little civility goes a long way!

  8. the first time i would think, what a nice person…the second time i would think, they aren’t bad, just forgetful…let me know what you think the 57th time you go up those steps to let them know the music is to loud.

  9. Conundrum

    It is a most excellent bit of karma to have a civil neighbor. None of us is perfect but to have a neighbor I can call or knock on the door when something goes awry is just so refreshing.

    To invite them for a drink and nosh really bridges the gap in case someone else also named Max has a gentleman caller drop by and is lion-roar guy who happens to pound the headboard against the wall while the others are watching their favorite episode of Dancing with the Stars.

    But that wouldn’t happen….would it?

  10. max

    Janie, gray and pink, no circles. [smile]

    Con, that is veiled sex talk right?

    You guys know this is still the street fighting taser posse guy? I am knocked over he is polite to women and nice about noise but I do not think this would be a good romantic move.

    On the other hand it is way way nicer than the two chowderheads on either side of me who see “girl” and think that just means they can get away with extra rude.

  11. aj

    I love how Kitty just jumps straight in with the eye candy question. Bless her soul.

  12. I think you should bake him brownies.

  13. max

    Me making brownies and giving them to another person could be construed as an act of aggression.

  14. Eddie

    lol, to the brownie comment. Maybe the guy will rub off on your other neighbors.

  15. OH I was going to say bake us brownies we are nice ( blog) neighbors but now I am scared. Hmmm I say the jury is still out. Twice nice isn’t enough, especially with taser history.

  16. ON the other hand send them the aggro brownies, that could be fun!

  17. Party at Michele’s!

  18. Give him a bowl of Cheerios.

  19. max

    Tragically I had to give up my Cheerio ways.

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