unsavory beverage crisis


scaleThis Ensure thing

Is so not working out.


I could blame this on working out again. Which I am post move frenzy derailing all working out. Muscle weighs more than fat right?

Yeah right.

This is totally about drinking a beverage for people who need to gain weight I just know it. It is Ensure “Plus.” That is the only Ensure the nice delivery people stock. That “plus” part is so backfiring.

[The deceptive evil queen mirror says not. The deceptive evil queen mirror says “Do not panic you look lovely.” But doy it is a deceptive evil queen mirror. You cannot trust that.]

I still have nefarious Slim Fast in the fridge too. And I am in “I cannot drink this but it is wrong to throw away perfectly good [good is so questionable there] food” psych freeze :

Throw them out!

No drink them!

Throw them out!

No drink them!

[Can you donate Slim Fast to homeless shelters? Does that look like you are joking and being diabolical?]


where the art work comes from :
that is scale by this nerd’s taking over

15 Responses to unsavory beverage crisis

  1. Kym

    You made me crack up. My vote is the Homeless shelters would probably be okay but maybe you should skip the anorexia clinics;>

  2. max

    Oh you mock my beverage crisis.


  3. Oh, Ensure is what we fed to people who needed to put on some weight.
    And it worked.

    I always put on weight when I start exercising. It is the muscle. If your clothes still fit properly, don’t worry yourself. Keep exercising and keep eating (and drinking) healthy.

  4. I vote for getting rid of all of them – give them all away.

  5. max

    This is not working out. I did not take that much time off and if anything I would have been losing weight dropping muscle from the time off. This is one month of drinking Ensure. Cripes. Eight pounds is 7% of my body weight, added in a month? That is scary.

  6. Hmmm. Faulty scale? I’d suggest locking up both the supplements and the scale for a month. Seriously, the 100 calorie per serving EAS protein drink is tasty, low in calories, high in protein. You need to check them out.

  7. If all you want is a breakfast drink- get one of those Carnation Breakfast drinks- it doesn’t do anything except taste good and as long as you don’t over-do it you should be fine.

  8. max

    Is the EAS protein drink the same as the one Stil suggested?

    I am not familiar at all with Carnation breakfast drinks.

    I have these visions of me being manaced by a whole refrigerator full of scary bevs here.

  9. Here’s what I’m talking about –

    Compared to Ensure, you’re only getting five grams of carbs. And Ensure has how many? Forty?

    EAS, by the way, is a high quality whey protein product., my trainer bought me a whole container yesterday. For Christmas.

    Also highly recommended.

  10. max

    Got it. Have you tried the EAS? Does it taste okay?

  11. I made a shake this morning. The EAS is delicious.

    Max, seriously. Get a blender, add two to three scoops of powder and eight ounces of soy milk and go. It’s really sooo easy and it will cost less than buying individual cans.

  12. max


    I do not do soy milk.

    The point behind the Ensure and Slim Fast experiments was for this to be as easy as opening a can. Blenders are a pain.

  13. Ok, buy a shaker and do it. With milk. Real milk. Two percent. Skim. Whatever your poison.

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