unfortunate moment #3,00,457.19

From the land of truly bad typos, a really unfortunate Easter greeting sent to a student:

“Happy Eater Bunny.”

It does not help this student is a lesbian.

4 Responses to unfortunate moment #3,00,457.19

  1. Oh, my gawd that’s hilarious.

    Probably cause I’m a lesbian.

    But, not that one… (whew!)

  2. max

    Oh hey I can add you to my Easter greetings list. It is bound to be entertaining.

    The email I got back was pretty funny. “Um, Max?” And I was thinking, Um, What? Till I looked down at the quoted back email. Yegads.

  3. LOL!

    Hopefully, she doesn’t have a jealous girlfriend. I can see it now… the “But, I can explain!” as the girlfriend leaves in a huff, taking the Easter basket (and the chocolate!) with her.

    An Easter (or would that be “Eater”) greeting from you would be lovely! ;)

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