uh oh

Woodbury AdUh oh. This is Celluloid Blonde’s One Hundred Posts Day.

I am so unprepared for this. I did not even know I was at milestone ground zero until yesterday when knowing it was somewhere on the distant horizon [hello distant?] I casually perused stats and whammo there it was a really scary really intimidating 99 staring back at me.

Yegads. Another commemorative moment.

And not on the distant horizon. Right now.

[You are asking yourself how I can pull off two commemorative moments in one month, right? Um. Right. Me too.]

I am totally unprepared. I told you that.

I could make a desperate run at MORE witty and MORE entertaining than I have been for the last 99 posts [hey it was not even easy being witty OR entertaining in those posts forget MORE witty and MORE entertaining and also the snail posts are still completely questionable].


I could cheat.

Cheat so works for me.


To commemorate Celluloid Blonde’s One Hundred Posts Day I throw myself on the mercy of the film gods and instead of relying on my demonstrably lacking internal fortitude [sorry pilgrim forebears] I give you —

The greatest montage in the history of film :


Kiss someone today.


29 Responses to uh oh

  1. Congrats on the Stats Max!
    Anita Marie

  2. wow, 100 huh? Go you! Keep em coming though, we demand more entertainment and wit.

  3. Congrats!! Well done. I have work to do. Sigh.

  4. More wit and entertainment are both fine, but I demand a commemorative plate…and certainly some sort of shotglass or pilsner.

  5. Hey, can I kiss more than one person today? Just checking.

  6. Bravissimo! Congrats on your 100th post.

    Hey is this from Cinema Paradiso?

  7. max

    Thanks all.

    Lulu, of course.

    Kitty, yes, that is from Cinema Paradiso.

  8. max

    Hmm. YouTube is down for maintenance people who did not see it already will have to wait on the greatest montage of all time now.

    [Hey, film gods, you call that mercy?]

  9. Damn you Max, this made me cry! Next time, warning sign posted, please!

    It was really beautiful. Romantic. Dreamy.

    PS I knew I shouldn’t have traded learning Italian for Danish!

    Oh, and congrats!

  10. max

    Oh. YouTube is back up.


  11. max

    Wait. You traded Italian for Danish?

    What in hell were you thinking, Stilletto?

    Back to Italian right now.

  12. Sophia

    100 posts? Way to go, girl! You deserve a hundred M&Ms for that. And a hundred pairs of furry slippers. And a hundred Diet Coke cans. And a hundred nights with Mirko. Yay!

    Stiletto, hvordan har du det?

  13. max

    Great Leaping Jehosephat, Sophia, it is not enough to be fluent enough in English to write freaking comedy in it, you speak MORE languages?

    I just have to smack you around like a step child now.

  14. Congrats!

    And speaking of great montages, my roommate and I have been formulating a yearly awards show for the best montages in movies.

    Best Sports Season Montage

    Best Training Montage

    Best Relationship Montage


  15. max

    But where is the most important one? Best drinking game montage?

  16. Drinking game, I’m down with!

    Sophia, me only knows three phrases right now – and they all have to do with buying a bottle of red wine. I swear, this was absolutely a coincidence because this happened to be on the CD that’s in my car and the chapter I’ve been listening to.

    But I’m positive du means you, no? Babelfish, here I come!

    Max, Scandinavian men are looking good to me these days.

  17. You can’t have Italian all the time (cough)

  18. max

    Okay you really do not want to do Scandinavian men. [No offense Scandinavian men I am sure it will all work out with Scandinavian girls.] Scandinavians worship uncomfortable furniture. Seriously, they would be happy sleeping on concrete slabs. All that puffy overstuffed furniture sold under the label “Scandinavian” in the Stripes? Total lie. If furniture is not rock hard, Scandinavians do not want it. Also. They eat fish for Christmas. Not just fish. Fish soaked in lie that has to be soaked for days just to insure it will not kill you when you eat it AND then has to be disguised with an odd white sauce. AND. The Danes are the ugly Scandinavians. [Sorry, Danes, but it is true.] Of all the Scandinavian groups, Danes just are not all that attractive. AND. They do not do martial arts.

  19. You’ve got some good points. Viggo Mortensen is a Dane though, and so is Connie Nielsen. Maybe they’re the only two.

    PS I could eat fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love fish. I even drink fish sauce on occasion.

  20. Sophia

    Scandinavian men are so cold if they lived here I swear we’d have penguins instead of pet dogs. They have absolutely no sense of humor and they are prone to falling asleep at the most amazing times and positions. Oh, they also think it’s cool that they can have sex in their bedrooms while their parents are at the living room watching tv and reading Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Match-Seller.

    Hey, hi… mom! I just had to say it. LOL!

  21. Sophia

    Stiletto, sorry… I don’t remember much of the damn language myself. Only bits and parts just to be able to order a beer :-) and maybe to ask for directions in case I get lost (very likely). And those Scandinavian languages… better write them than speak them. Unless of course you have trained vocal cords that can pronounce sounds you never knew that exist.

  22. max

    Viggo is not a Dane. Viggo’s father is a Dane. And his mother is not. That is different.

  23. max, you have made my morning with the Cinema Paradisio clip.

  24. max

    Cool, Rachel. That clip to me is a reaffirmation of all things good.

  25. It’s no Along Came Polly, but it’s not bad.

    Actually, it’s a wonderful scene from a wonderful film. Made me a touch randy, too. Your shorts seem to have that effect on me, Max.

  26. max

    Oh like it is me you are randy in general I think.

  27. History is being made!

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