uh oh


heart_crapUh oh.

Twenty one days till Valentine’s Day and NO BOYFRIEND.

This is no way to get flowers and candy.


where the art work comes from :
that is from alacrity danger

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  1. Dan

    Obviously you need to relocate to the east coast. Tons of boyfriends over here. Tons of ’em.

  2. max

    I want photographic evidence.

  3. Admore

    I’ve heard Alaska is the place for plentiful manly men.

  4. Eddie

    It didn’t have to be this way — you’re the one who initiated the restraining order.:-)

  5. max

    Ad, it is too dark in Alaska.

    Eddie, sorry ’bout that the neighbors were all complaining about the naked guy in the bushes.

  6. Dan

    Well, maybe not tons…but what we do have is quality.

  7. max

    Photographic. Proof.

  8. Dan

    Well…you’ve seen me.

  9. max

    I seem to remember sometime typing “Tons of boyfriends over here. Tons of ‘em.”

  10. Dan

    Just picture me…standing with tons of other guys just like me.

  11. max

    This is sounding more and more like a hypothetical.

  12. Dan

    Hey, sometimes you just need to take a gamble and roll the dice.

  13. max

    Silly Dan. You are one of a kind so I know you are making this tons and tons thing all up.

  14. Admore

    Well, it is dark in Alaska for half the year. But the other half is really nice. You alternate. LA in winter, Alaska in summer – what could be better. Assuming you like fresh air, moose and that sort of thing.

  15. Dan

    Aw shucks. Can’t blame a guy for trying a little bit of deception just to get you on a plane, now can ya?

  16. Dan

    And that, my dear, is what makes you the Blonde Assassin.

  17. I don’t have a boyfriend either…..but I think my wife may object if I did.

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