uh oh



close up of ballerina feet and legs by john glembinIt is midnight and nothing is in the queue.

Um, quick, I can do this….

Say did you know WD40 is a fabulous cleaning solvent and works better on the metal liner under doors than 409 or Windex ever will?

I did not think you did.


where the art work comes from :
that is ballerina feet and legs by john glembin

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  1. californiablogging

    I know what all the slightly neurotic folks will be doing this evening!

  2. max

    If they want to get really neurotic, it also works on tools, pipes, bathroom fixtures, most metal appliances and door frames.

  3. It’s a great solvent because it’s highly flammable. Gasoline and lighter fluid work great too!

  4. I was asleep by 10:00 on Friday.
    Luis was on a business trip, I ordered Pizza and that was it.
    I had dreams about giant vats of Diet Coke though- it was an okay way to end a rough week.

  5. californiablogging

    Well, maybe it’s better than the bleach blister I got…frigging faulty glove!

  6. max

    You got to the bottom of that vat didn’t you?

  7. aj

    This should be titled “Things I Shouldn’t Know.. But Do”.

  8. You did what with WD40? No way.

  9. Ah, but Bruce Campbell knows that Windex is the perfect thinner for acrylic paints – it allows the paint to flow smoother from the brush than when thinned with water, and it reduces white acrylic paint’s tendency to yellow.

    And Windex cleans the blood stains from my shotgun’s stock . . . .

  10. max

    That is good to know about Windex in paint. Thanks FFE.

    Another cool trick, window punches are perfect for setting the hole for screws in walls. Natch today I could not find either of my window punches and did it the old fashioned way but still handy to know.

  11. I really must tell my Dad about this. The smell of WD40 quite takes me back to my teenage years, as Dad had sprayed everything vauguely metal, especially my bike, extremely librally with the stuff.

    Anyway. My domestic gem: Coke cleans silver. You stick the silver item in and it comes up bright and shiny a few hours later.

    Of course, I’m not sure if this works with diet coke, but I’m sure it’s worth a try.

  12. Oh, I know that about window punches. I kept “punching” on my granite countertops to see how the thing worked and realized (in different light) I’d made about 4 pock holes in it.
    The thing works.

    As for WD40, did you know it comes in a handy pen now? Works like the Wite-Out pens, push in the tip and out flows the product.

  13. max

    I did, a cousin was visiting and had the WD40 pen and was showing it to me which is why WD40 was on my mind to post that.

    Coke on silver seems like a terrible waste of Coca Cola. I mean, you cannot really drink it after right?

  14. californiablogging

    ” I mean, you cannot really drink it after right?” It’s funny funny funny!

  15. yeah can teach me something about WD40 about like I can teach you sumoething about writing

  16. max

    Didja know WD40 fixes scratched CDs?

  17. yeah max…you can teach me something I WANT TO KNOW about WD40 about like I can teach you something about writing

    you are such a girl

  18. max

    “you are such a girl”


  19. No!!! You’re a boy? you spelled it wrong by the way….no D.

  20. californiablogging

    What is a WD40 Pen and who travels with one? Cousin got that through Home Land Security?

  21. max

    It is WD40 in a little pen applicator. It is very cute and has a depressable mechanism so you just push it up against something like a lock that is sticking and it drops some WD40 on the problem area.

  22. Well, that’s sorted my Dad’s Christrmas pressent, I can tell you.

    Isn’t silver supposed to be good for you in a purifying let’s make hospital pijamas out of it to prevent infections kind of way?

    Although I suppose what you’d be drinking is the gunk which was covering the silver rather than the actual silver so…

  23. max

    On the exterior silver has all sorts of fancy mythic qualities but silver is a heavy metal isn’t it? Heavy metals are not on the good idea to ingest list.

  24. nope…its not…its used to make fillings///and silver nitrate was used as a disinfectant.

    insomnia led me to contradict you not throw things

  25. max

    I did not make a statement you could contradict I asked a question.

    :::delicate cough:::

    Also gold is a heavy metal and gold will kill you dead if you get too much of it in your system and is also used in dentistry AND anything used as a disinfectant kills human cells just as easy as it kills an infecting organism so you might want to check your rule of reference there.

  26. Max, you should not drink the silver Coke. It’ll mess up the werewolf thing come midnight.

  27. max

    Fuck I wondered why my fur was all falling out.

  28. californiablogging

    Hilarious! I can’t find any help for werewolf hair loss. I’ll drink the tainted stuff, nothing happens to me at midnight.

  29. max

    This is going to be a fortune in Rogaine.

  30. hairless max would be cheaper…and amusing

  31. max

    That would be hairless werewolf Max to you Criminy. See the teeth?

  32. uhh….yeah…won’t be needing rogaine on those bad boys


    hi max

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