uh oh


carnivalleSomething is really wrong —

With the slide show. More than half the images are missing.


I do not know if I can put that back together.

Anita is your slide show still all in one piece?


6 Responses to uh oh

  1. Check to see if they’re still showing up on the Slideshow menu.

    If all else fails ask Anita Blonde- she’s got sticky Gummy Bear Porn type fingers.


  2. max

    11 panes down. I hunted up and loaded the images again but will have to check sizes I am not sure they are the right versions and I do not remember what order they were in just that they were really working in that order. Oh the pain.

  3. aj

    “uh oh”

    Clearly you have had a trouble free month until now computer wise, otherwise this title would be “When Randy Fucks Up… Again”.

  4. max

    Oh my God. Again? Don’t you get a get out of free pass for homicide on the fifth time?

  5. aj

    Randy and I have parted ways, finally. But not before he managed to slow down my processor speed and fuck all the print drivers. This however, has been fixed by someone else, where the only prerequisite was that he not be named Randy, and has since been billed to Randy for payment.

    Confused yet?

  6. max

    You hired someone else to fix Randy’s screw ups and billed Randy for it.

    Doy. It requires shiny objects to confuse me.

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