u is for underwear


fan_boyIt is past time —

For a new survey but I cannot always lean on Rachael for surveys [Rachael always does the best surveys but she has not done one in a LONG time] so I went and hunted one up. I am just all pro-active like that [not really but it was totally time] so —

The A to Z Survey. Yay!



irreverenceA is for Allergies~ Grapefruit, Vaseline and, um, [okay just do not ask] Nanoxynol-9.

B is for Beer~ Becks. Yay!

C is for Career~ Writer, teacher, girl wonder.

D is your dog’s name~ Okay I am so stealing my friend’s dog Oscar here.

E is for Essential item you use everyday~ A tiara and a prayer.

F is for favorite TV show~ What is The Untitled Max Adams Project Alex?

G is for Game~ Man Hunt Yay!

H is for home town~ Highway 101 : Population California.

I is for instruments~ Um, musical, world domination, or mass destruction?

J is for juice~ Merlot.

[What? It has grapes.]

K is for whose butt you’d like to kick~ Um. Answering this question is what we in the assassin ninja biz call “telegraphing.” We do not do that.

L is for last place you lived~ Hollywood Baby.

M is for marriage~ Come back with a bigger diamond and we might talk.

N is your name~ Max Dammit Adams.

O is for overnight hospital stays~ Is “more than I can remember a count on” bad?

P is for passion~ I lusted after Simon Baker during a TV break today does that count?

Q is for quote~ “I am tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin deep. That’s deep enough. What do you want an adorable pancreas?”

[Jean Kerr rocks.]

R is for regret~ I totally regret REPEATEDLY not winning The Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes.

S is for status~ 10 cigarettes, 1 glass of wine, 117 pounds. But the day is young and there is more wine in the fridge — and ice cream yay!

T is for the time you woke up~ Hello? Crazed artist here? We do not check clocks when we rise we check clocks when we set.


U is for underwear~ That is a pretty frisky question coming from someone asking marriage questions with no ring.

V is for vegetable~ Um. No offense but I only date in my own weight class.

W is for worst habit~ Hey. I look damn good in a habit.

X is for X-ray~ Foot ankle shin knee [are we counting MRI’s or just straight X-rays?] wrist shoulder forearm skull neck spine teeth jaw lungs stomach — oh hell let’s just figure my chromosome count is a little off by now and call this bad boy done.

Y is for your favorite sport~ Hockey yay! Okay not really hockey. Hockey players. Yay!

Z is for zodiac~ Aquarius. But I have this thing for Virgos….


where the art work comes from :
that is from chaovsky

0 Responses to u is for underwear

  1. Dan

    Oh, you got me again, Max, with your sassy titles. Oh well, guess I have a survey to fill out.

  2. Dan

    And, in case you’re curious: I was born in early September.

  3. max

    Ooh la la. Virgo.

  4. Dan

    So…about this thing you have…

  5. max

    I am not telling.

  6. When my daughter was 13, I took her to her first hockey game. The Flyers. Got seats about 8 rows from the ice. During warm-ups, she begs to go down to the rail to get a better look at her heroes…

    She comes back after warm-ups, looking a bit flustered and disheveled. “Well, what do you think?” I asked.

    “Gee Dad, I never knew how big these guys are. And how fast. And that John Le Clair is a babe.”

  7. Sesame Street would love a visit from you Max!

  8. max

    Me & Kermit huh? It could work dammit.

    Bob that is hilarious.

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