two more days!


I am —

Happy today. Yay! And, two more days until the new year. Yay!

[Wow that survey really worked.]

I am not sure why I have such high expectations for the new year. Every indication is the U.S. is in a tail spin and the coming year will just be worse. This forward charge for the new year is totally illogical. But maybe it is not that I have high expectations for the new year. Maybe it is just that I really want to kick the old year out.

2009 pretty much sucked. So many people died. The most personal to me were Gee Nicholl and my father. My father managed to hit me one more time with drama and financial hits on his way out. Seriously. There were lawyers. There were homicide detectives. It was very disturbing AND very expensive. [My father had a skill.] Gee Nicholl, well, Gee Nicholl did more for me than my father ever did I will always love Gee Nicholl.

Bottom line?

Two more days.

Yay! Yay! Yay!


where the art work comes from :
that is from basiljonez

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  1. The good thing is, if you keep your fingers crossed for a great year and 2010 tries to go 2009 on you you’re just a few fingers away from a fist.

    Have a great New Years Eve Max.

  2. max

    You too Miss Anita.

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