two inches off the hips

rebuild the bodyI have been neglecting you.

My sorry. There is a lot going on. Classes. Workshops. Students. Universities. Competitions. Being a judge. And whatnot. A lot. For me personally though? The body is the real thing right now.


Remember when I got hurt back in December 2014? I jumped from a size 4 to a size 8 after that accident. You can’t work out with a head injury. Not to mention a couple cracked ribs and a sprained shoulder and such. I was seriously injured. It took 3 weeks just to be able to stand up long enough to wash the blood out of my hair. That’s how injured I was. Very injured.


When you are that hurt, your job is to heal. Sleep. Eat. Heal. It’s technically a wonder I could even keep showing up to teach my classes. But, I teach online. I could show up — and did.


Now, I’m working my ass off to take off the final pounds after that injury fiasco.


It’s not going all that well taking off pounds. If you’re building muscle replacing fat, weight doesn’t want to go down. Muscle weighs more than fat. For every fat pound you take off, you build up at least two new pounds in muscle. Or three. Or five. It’s MADDENING if you want to lose weight on the scale.


On the bright side, I’ve knocked two inches off my hips.


I know how this works. It’s not the first time I’ve rebuilt the body coming back from an injury. On the other hand?


It’s really time to stop getting injured.

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