two giraffes


two_giraffe_ii.pngThis is the coolest giraffe photo ever.

Girl AJ took that she is a professional photographer and it is on her site and super copyrighted and I like to nab stuff off AJ’s site because, one, I just like to fuck with AJ but two, also because I just really like that shot.

When AJ asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said that shot and she sent me the giraffe photo. It is totally wonderful and waiting here for me to put up this wall board so I can hang the giraffe photo on the wallboard.

I got that shot in February.

I really need to hang this wall board.

*giraffe update news : the wallboard is up pretend you do not notice how long that took


6 Responses to two giraffes

  1. aj

    Thank you, Adams. And yes, you do need to hang that wallboard. Alternatively you could name it a floor board and consider your job here done.

  2. max

    You know I did ask Mark twice for help with this. And he just did the Mark forget thing.

  3. That is a pretty sweet Giraffe photo.

  4. Oh look at that face! At the Santa Barbra Zoo you get to be up high by their faces and at the LA zoo it’s all tail… Nice Photo AJ!

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