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Tweet This :

Online Master Screenwriting Classes #newacademy

And win a $15 iTunes card.


Hey do not scoff that is three episodes of Supernatural. Woohoo!

I will be collecting tweets on that hashtag #newacademy and a week from today on Feb 8 will draw a winner. And if that winner is your tweet, you win a $15 iTunes card yay!

Did I mention that is three episodes of Supernatural? Or, you know, if you are less discerning, three episodes of whatever you choose to pick up.

Get tweeting. You have three episodes of Supernatural on the line here. Jeez!


Love and Kisses,

Your Tweet This Adams Girl


*the rules: you can tweet as much as you like as often as you like
*food for thought: you could follow @celluloidblonde on twitter while you are at it but she is all political and stuff maybe not your cup o’ tea


where the art work comes from :
that is twitter wall art from zoice

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  2. max

    Holy Mother of God! Six! Six hashtag responses the fist day! I am a God!

    You know that old saying, If you want to know how important you really are just try telling another man’s dog what to do?

    I have another take on that. Just ask people to use a twitter hashtag that is not all about them and see what happens.

    Good thing I am in it for the science here or I might be having a few ego probs right about now.

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  4. Love it Max. I used to work for The WB -now The CW- and have all kinds of swag left over from this show.
    Well, actually my daughter has it now.
    It’s still her fave and your piece reminds me of when she was younger and we’d watch it together.
    Clearly you have fine taste.

  5. max

    I love the show. You and your daughter have excellent taste. [smile]

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