trench coat follies


trenchIn Northern California —

I headed out one night and it was cold so I bundled up and after I made it to the local bar [there are only two it is a very small place so you are bound to know someone at any of the two bars within a seventy-five mile radius oog] someone was making fun of my big trench and said, What do you have on under that big trench?

And I opened it and said, Another trench.

[Because, doy, I was wearing two trench coats. It was to me that cold.]

That guy never recovered.


where the art work comes from :
that is from maxcap60

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  1. I’ll bet he’s still standing there and wondering what the heck that was all about…and I like the snow fall on your blog. It’s pretty.

  2. max

    Yay! The snow is back. I was wondering when they would turn that back on.

  3. I bet he’d die if you said “Nothing.”

  4. max

    I am pretty sure he was hoping.

  5. LOL. I can’t believe you had another coat under there.

  6. max

    Hey I have been known to wear two coats, three jackets, and two sweaters. I am sort of like the dance of seven veils only it is the dance o’ trench coats and wool.

  7. It’s 20-degrees outside right now and I’ve been out in shorts and a sweathshirt.

    I’m not very bright apparently….

  8. Kym

    In our little hill place, a Halloween party had one fellow wearing a trench coat. When asked what he was, he opened his coat and by deed and word said, “A flasher!” The little kids got quite a kick out it. Some people, including prissy me, were a little shocked but to our Summer of Love community, nudity just isn’t frightening.

  9. I wore two scarves today. Just for you.

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