tragic news for dr. who


david tennantOops.

David Tennant did not win the Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man Poll. He did come in in the top three though and to lose out to Sean Bean and Hugh Laurie is no way embarassing those are very sassy men. Yay!


*that is david tennant with his co-star billie piper

*that top three was a uk sweep wow bad news for u.s. actors


how i know who won :
grace is totally on task and also cheering sean bean
he is her fave

12 Responses to tragic news for dr. who

  1. David Tennant is adorable, too. He’s one of the better Drs.

  2. Awww. He was so cute as that insane wizard on Harry Potter.

    Did you know Sean Bean just called his wedding off? Although, being over 21, we’re waaaaay too old for that hound dog.

  3. max

    Wow, so if I slather up with face cream and row over to England I might have a shot.

    [How do you know this stuff?]

  4. He does nothing for me. That blonde looks like she packs more masculinity in her pants.

  5. Sean Bean, on the other hand…always playing the bastard! Just up my alley lol

  6. Oh Geeze.
    Hugh Laurie looks like my little brother.
    As to Sean Bean?

  7. max

    Sheesh you guys are so demanding.

  8. Hugh Laurie looks exactly like a guy I used to live with – an old roommate from back in the day. In fact, one day my friend Uncle K sat down on my couch, turned on the tele, and said, “Hey. That looks like your old roommate.”

    Therefore, he can’t possibly be hot in my eyes because to admit it would be like admitting I wanted to sleep with my crazy and creepy roommate.

  9. How do I know this stuff? I gossip blog for a living. I’m PAID to know this stuff. Also, paid to look at stuff like This, yowzuh. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.

    Good luck with Sean if Dean doesn’t work out.

  10. max

    It is a good thing for me you are informed you are where I get all my info.

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  12. max

    Oops. I am feeling all disloyal to Dr. Who now. I watched Sharpe’s Rifles and Richard Sharpe just is beating out Dr. Who in the sexy man quotient.

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