tragedy strikes!



I lost. Damn!


If votes counted, I would have made it. And in the end I came in with over 525 votes in under a week, bringing me up to the #36 spot in the popularity counter. And you all rock so much for putting me there.

But. The Murphy-Goode people made their own selections and I was not one of their top 50 picks. Sucks to be me. [Okay not really but it is just polite to say so.]

Thank you everyone so much for your votes and support. That counts in the end way more than making the top 50. That just rocks. And I love you guys for doing it.

Meanwhile, here is the video yay!




As a result of all this madness I am on twitter @CelluloidBlonde. Also there is a vote for max facebook group and somehow someway that must have a purpose now for good — or evil. [I am still trying to decide.] And special special thanks to —

kym | kitty | jen | woe | ginny | sulya | rane | libby | chris | nancy | jordan | christie | debra | anita marie | grace | francisco | rachael | mary | toni | pixee and did I mention pooks?

And — many persons I have for sure failed to mention [ahh!] who rocked the vote. Thank you! You know who you are. And rock. And if you post here other people will know who you are too. [Post, dammit!]

Also special thanks to miss britt whose photo has become the end all be all mascot photo of the campaign.



where the art work comes from :
that is from miss britt

facebook group :
vote for max!

max on twitter :

0 Responses to tragedy strikes!

  1. D-

    So what was the point in them asking people to vote if it didn’t matter in the end? :(

  2. max

    Well it was media hits for the winery site. Which for them was a very big deal. Kind of devious when they were not going to count the hits in the contest, I did not think they would pull that card till the top ten, but, still a smart marketing move. Of course they suck because they did not pick me. Ooops.

  3. So sorry Max, I know you would have been good for the winery position.

  4. max

    Well ultimately what really counts to me is friends and associates pulled in over 500 votes in less than seven days. And that really counts to me.

  5. That photo is fabulous.

    Murphy-Goode? Not so much.

    Congrats on what you achieved, Max.

  6. G Eagle Esq

    das geDammen und das geBlasten und die geSchPLUTTERei

    Better to have loved and lost,
    than not to have loved at all

    who dares wins

    or as the Romanians would say :

    Drum Bun [Reise Gute/Voyage Bon]

  7. max

    Eagle we really have to work on your communication skills.

  8. Every contest has rules and these rules are approved by corporate legal counsel. If they broke their own rules they could be subject to litigation because it isn’t fair to rewrite the rules halfway through the game… Sorry Max. You would think that they would want someone who could mobilize (via 2.0 technologies) the masses the way that you did. Anyway, it’s totally their loss.

  9. Well, poo. Definately their loss.

  10. max

    I love you guys.

  11. Dan

    Sorry…but, you still rock!

  12. max

    I love Woe totally has a way to fuck them up since their scenario was badly written and presented and could take them down hard in a court of law. That is funny to me. But I will not do it.

  13. Kym

    When Goode do bad
    And Max don’t win
    The world would end.

    If not for friends!

  14. I’m so sorry Max. I will never, ever pick up a bottle of their swill.

  15. max

    LOL — thanks Ginny.

  16. max

    Hmm I think Murphy-Goode must have gotten some grief over the selection process they sent out email about their selection criteria.

  17. Why? What happened?

  18. I’m sorry, I meant, what did the email say? I know what happened.

  19. max

    Hey Goode Folks!

    We just sent you an email announcing our Top 50 candidates, whom we chose based on the criteria posted on our web site. As before, we encouraged you to pick your favorite. Seems there was some confusion about what “picking a favorite” really meant.

    While it was great for us to see the public response to each of the videos, and we know both the applicants and their fans really enjoyed it, we will be choosing the best person for the job based on the criteria here. Sorry for any misunderstanding. We’ll remove the “favorites” option to avoid further confusion. In any event, please check out the Top 50 candidates, they’re sure to dazzle you as they did us. And please keep in touch!


    The Gang at Murphy-Goode

  20. And what was the criteria?

  21. max

    Dunno, I did not follow the link back.

  22. Oh well, their wine probably sucks anyway.

  23. max

    LOL — poor Murphy-Goode, everyone is hating on them. How a good plan goes horribly horribly wrong….

  24. max

    [BTW, you know the real drama is going to unfold when they have ten people at the winery who all want the same job and are stuck there together for a week. That just spells bloodshed.]

  25. I saw some guy who got 6,000 votes didn’t make the cut and his fans were unhappy.

  26. Mike Waters

    You were robbed these winery people suck !!!!

    They wouldn’t know social marketing if it bit them on the A%$#%

  27. max

    LOL — thanks, Mike.

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