tragedy strikes in a compact car

girl in jeansNo sooner do I click that little button that says “publish,” setting a photo of a pony in a compact car indelibly on the front page —

I discover Celluloid Blonde just made hot sites on the WordPress main page.

Great. People are going to visit and the first thing they will see is a photo of a pony in a compact car.

Yes. This is totally the impression I wish the world at large to have of me.

Why couldn’t I have posted something smart today?

Or even pretty? I mean, I do not always have to be smart but I could at least be pretty.

Timing. Is. Everything.


something smart | something pretty
[i am so impressed some people actually hit the “smart” link]

14 Responses to tragedy strikes in a compact car

  1. Nice way to make my heart skip a beat with that title. I like ponies but, I mean butt…… lol

  2. max

    I did not think out the possible implications of that pony title, hmm.

  3. I was about to restrict your transportation to an armoured sercurity vehicle and sorry, no ponies allowed.

  4. max

    Can I have the pony and skip the car? I promise I will feed it and water it and clean up after it.

  5. Maybe the pony is what made Celluloid Blonde hot to the masses? Max’s regular readers already know that she is what makes Celluloid Blonde hot.

  6. max

    Well a horse worked for Lady Godiva but she married badly and was taller.

  7. Oh that horse in the car would make me click on the site for sure. I love that photo.
    Congrats on the Hot Sites thing.

  8. Something smart l something pretty.

    That was a trick question, wasn’t it?

    I hit the smart but only because it was first.

  9. max

    Well you are a pretty girl you do not need to hit links to see pretty you can just hit the mirror.

  10. Aw, thanks, but today is one of those days where I’ve traded the usual trappings of vanity for a self induced headache, unfettered gluttony, and sloth aka a hangover, cheap Chinese and a most dire need for a bath.

  11. max

    Stil, on your worst day, you are still pretty. You may not smell so good. But still pretty.

  12. The cat thinks I smell really bad, too. I know because she told me so.

    Delusional, pretty in a grungy way, and Chinese food farts, what’s not to love?

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