tragedy strikes in a boot


There is —

Tragic boot news. I ordered the boots and they came today and, well, the leather looks a little cheap and they are mad cap uncomfortable so back they go.

This is going to save me some cash as well as a certain amount of boot induced delirium and angst but it is still sad. They were very pretty in the picture.


where the art work comes from :
that is from trixiebell

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  1. Oh, that’s too bad. Better to return them than to suffer boot-pain.

  2. Cheap leather. Jessica Simpson.

    Quel surprise.

    Too bad, but now your dilemma is solved.

  3. max

    Yeah, I am not surprised I kinda figured but at least now I know for sure.

  4. That sucks.

    I never have luck ordering clothes or accessories online unless I’ve first tried it at the store. But I suppose that defeats the purpose.

  5. max

    It is easy you just have to order from a place with a really solid returns/exchanges policy and be willing to ship back and forth to get things right.

  6. Eddie

    Interrupting(formerly)Cow dies for naught.

    Some *people* will pay extra when an item has already been worn.

    Don’t mind me, Max, I’m just procrastinating a bit and will be out of your hair shortly.

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