toying with the masses




where that cartoon comes from :
that is from xkcd

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  1. Dan

    That’s hilarious. It’s right up there with this story from The Onion:

    I wish Summer Glau (or Fake Summer Glau, I guess) read my blog. Well, at least Felicia Day has stopped by a few times…I’ll take any member of the Joss Whedon Baggy-pants Players I can get.

  2. max

    Probably no one here but you, I, and Kym are going to get that one. It was too funny to not post.

  3. Dan

    Well…three’s company.

  4. I used to post comments on weird posts too- but I’d take all of the vowels out first.

    Then I’d sign it ” love you, Mom ”

    My niece taught me that one.

    In case you’re curious: she’s eight years old.

  5. Kym

    Ooh, obscure Firefly references does that mean we can talk about Jayne again…

  6. max

    Like we need permission to talk about Jayne. LOL

  7. Dan

    No. No Jayne. This should be all about River. Sweet, creepy and morbifying River.

  8. max

    No. Jayne?

    Wow you are walking a dangerous edge there.

  9. Dan

    Just in this post.

    You hijack me, I hijack you. :)

    Long live River Tam!

  10. max

    Aw. I understand now. You think blonde assassins play fair.


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