toxic plutonium rat urine!


Banksy Rat
Once upon a time an excitable friend sent me an email forward.

“Toxic rat radioactive urine on Coca Cola cans killing people!”

He was worried about my health. I drink a lot of Coca Cola. He meant well.

He was not happy with me when I said, “You know, rat urine is not toxic or radioactive right? Gross, yes, but not toxic or radioactive.”

I just saw a link on Facebook about 10 year olds leaving the Catholic Church. “10 year olds leaving the Catholic faith!” Very excitable yes?

The article says these 10 year olds [who are in 4th grade or some such] are leaving the Catholic faith because of what they learned in High School and University.

You guys all know 10 year olds are not in high school or university right?

They are in fucking grammar school!

There is a point at which, if you are not on a 3rd grader’s playground [or a 3rd grader] you are supposed to assume the mantle of adulthood and logic.

That’s not asking a lot people.

Rat urine is not poisonous. Or radioactive. Gross, yes. Poisonous or radioactive? Not.

10 years olds do not attend high school and university classes.

Not in any universe I attended grammar school in any way.



Stop. Think.

For fuck’s sake.


2 Responses to toxic plutonium rat urine!

  1. Patricia Burroughs aka Pooks

    Because too many people do not read what they forward. They forward the headline because it says something that reinforces their fears.

  2. Patricia Burroughs aka Pooks

    Sometimes my brain takes a dogleg turn and skews a bit weirdly when drawing conclusions? LOL

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