too many projects!

The shoe cupboard came. It is fancy and nice and I was calling it my birthday present because it allegedly was not going to arrive until February, (Max Mas, yay!), but it came early.

Pretty, right?

Yay! No more shoes in the entry hall!

Also it better be pretty. It took four hours to assemble. :::grrr:::

But. The shoe cupboard arriving early is problematic.

See —

I put a bunch of projects on hold sort of hinging on the shoe cupboard’s arrival. The closet shelf isn’t in. Well. It is IN the closet. But it is not being a shelf. It is in its box still.

If the shelf isn’t up, the file boxes that need to go in the closet can’t go in. And there are new hangers clothes won’t fall off of but I was putting hanging clothes on those off until I pull clothes out of the closet to put the shelf in. The book boxes are still sitting, waiting, glaring — they were against the shoe cupboard spot on a wall. Now they aren’t. Uh ohs….

All this stuff should already be done. I have been in the new apartment a month. But I burned out after the great shredding project and just put things in sort of out of the way against walls stacks “to be dealt with later.” And threw a sheet over the file box stacks.

(Sheets over stacks of boxes is not very feng shui but it makes me feel better not staring at file boxes directly.)

I have professional work to do too. I can’t be all apartment project frenzy all the time.

But —

With the shoe cupboard’s arrival, everything becomes more immediate in an avalanche way. The book boxes can’t stay in that spot now, that’s where the shoe cupboard goes. So now the books are an obvious problem stack. Also the book boxes are not nice cardboard. The book boxes are destroyed mangled cardboard marred by many moves. (The book boxes are more not-feng-shui even than the file boxes under a sheet.) Plus all the new hangers are randomly about now in little cartons taking up more space sitting around the file-box-stack-that-is-under-a-sheet making it spread out even more prominent —

AND important to get that shelf up and get the clothes all out of the closet to do that and then when the clothes are out they should go on the new hangers PLUS then all the file boxes have to be moved into the closet and then I get to see if the shelf holds and also there is a new dimmer switch for the desk area I should put in so I’m not under glaring lights here at the computer all the time and the book boxes need to be sorted and dealt with and many books need to be carted off to Good Will and and and —


(Also I need to hang art but was putting art off until boxes and shelves and hangers and dimmers are sorted but now the shoe cupboard is here. Forcing the issue of the book boxes oh nos!)

(Marilyn won the art war by the way she is getting that wall but when is sort of a question.)

Really it’s installing the closet shelf that is the hurdle. That shelf is going to be a bear. It’s 7.5 feet long. It needs EVERYTHING to come out of the closet to do it. It needs drywall mounts and special grommets and reinforcement. It needs it needs it needs —


Your Too Many Projects Adams Girl.

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