too many medical shows

Now I have done it. I have watched too many medical shows. First two seasons of House. Now I am on the second season of Grey’s Anatomy. And now I have some sort of weird pain in my left side. It started Monday for no reason. Then expanded so it hurt every time I moved too fast or took too deep a breath. [Natch, I immediately got hiccups.] Now it extends through to my back and up to my left shoulder.

What the hell? I would think I pulled something but I was sitting at the desk when it started how can you pull something sitting at a desk?

Natch, watching all these medical shows, I have in the last couple weeks seen every minor symptom you can have diagnosed as a horrific and rare disease which requires a brain biopsy and fifty thousand MRI’s [hey I have had one of those and they will never get me in that coffin o’ claustrophobia again] so natch also I am assuming here I am on the verge of renal failure — no doubt as a result of coming in contact with a bird usually only found in the deepest forests of South Africa only one escaped a Long Beach shipyard, jimmied the lock while I was out, scattered dangerous South African bird spoor around the loft, and then snuck out again to find its next victim.

Maybe it is time to take a short break from medical shows.

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  1. On the plus side, you can now be put on the 30 day DL as regards you HORSE playing. These symptoms may drag on for a while…who knows how they will affect your smoking shooting hand.

  2. max

    This is true. I cannot take a break from medical shows either Shonda Rhimes does Satan cliff hangers.

  3. aj

    Shonda Rhimes is challenging for alien smart status.

  4. max

    Well she could probably take me in a fair fight to get it, but I do not fight fair.

  5. I admit I need Medical show hypochondriacs anonymous every now and then……

  6. This is why I cannot watch medical shows anymore. I have too active an imagination.

    You can get a pain just sitting at the desk too long. Really. Though it is usually just a neck creak.

  7. max

    Well. I am sick. But the South African bird is off the hook. And I better be better by Monday because I am having that glass of merlot on my birthday or else. Grrr.

  8. I’m into the CSI shows and even the Law and Order shows- I like to watch the Morgue scenes because they STILL get them wrong.

    And I think it’s funny.


  9. I think you need an intervention!

  10. Sophia

    Go check Susan, Max. If your sign is totally blank, you’re in trouble. And, just in case, I’ll remember you always .

  11. Have you been to a doctor?

  12. Eddie

    I bet this little scare was predicted in your horoscope and you just forgot about it; Mars is angry or something.

    I think you’ll be alright so long as you don’t smell feathers burning. You don’t smell feathers burning, do you? Now I’m a little worried.

  13. Maybe it could work in reverse, I mean on TV you would be cured by your birthday. Of course you should see a real live doctor. I hope you feel better anyway.

  14. max

    A morgue intervention for Anita? That so cracks me up. Welcome back, Stilletto.

    Jennifer that is so smart. Watching the doc shows to get well. Yay! What a good idea.

    Naw, no docs. I know this thing and what a doc would tell me. So that first, and a doc later — if I have to.

    Docs get twitchy about self diagnosis but I get twitchy about docs so I figure that makes us even.

  15. Morgue Intervention-
    Considering I use to get the munchies in a big way after going there for removals I’d have to agree SOMETHING needed to be done.

    Oh Stilletto where were you in the day?

  16. Oh Anita….that sounds sick, real sick. I can only imagine!

    That one sentence prompted a plethora of bad visuals.

  17. It sounds sick…but in all honesty I think that when you’re surrounded by death you do things to remind yourself you’re alive-

    and food is one of those things.

  18. Hmm. I can think of other things. Well, that’s what my drama teacher said. But food – food is good.

  19. max

    Food would not have been my first choice either.


  20. LMAO oh wait, I’m Asian, I better not do that too hard ~

  21. Oh You guys are funny…I should have stuck to talking about my Pez Gun…but geeeezzzeeee I’m just going to sound like a bigger goof then I do now ;-)!

  22. max

    There are some places Pez just should not go, Anita.


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