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Today’s favorite quote —

From a personal ad :

We all know people who tell us “You meet someone when you’re not looking.” To Hell with those people. I’m looking. And so are you.


*this guy was cute too, i mean ooh la la cute, tragically, he was also twenty-nine


where the art work comes from :
that is by englaender in germany

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  1. Watch out for guys like this. They are the sort that will tell you your ass is too big.

  2. max

    In my entire life, no man has told me my ass is too big. I would hate to see the results if it were to happen for the first time.

  3. Your ass if probably not too big.

    But if it was, no decent man would dare say such a thing (when asked of course). This is in the girl/boy rule book.

  4. brut

    I don’t belong in this, but I can’t resist the “…tragically, he was also twenty-nine.” What’s wrong with twenty-nine? Isn’t that of legal age in California?

  5. Kym

    Nothings wrong with 29 or for that matter 18. Its just that boys er men that age seem a little undercooked.

    Its not just that we might have little to talk about (usually, if he’s bright, we can have great conversations) but its physically. They may be pretty but where are those sexy deep lines that show character gained through adversity.

  6. max

    Twenty-nine is way too old, Frank. Sheesh, the guy is practically on Medicaid already.

  7. Undercooked boys? I’d devour that dish in a pinch!

    BTW, Max’s derriere is not too big!

  8. max

    “BTW, Max’s derriere is not too big!”

    Stil is my favorite today.

  9. And unlike me, you are much too classy to post his picture!

  10. californiablogging

    Oh I came back on the right day! YUM!

  11. max

    Yes you did. [smile]

  12. Dan

    There’s really so much I could say…but I’m terrified of getting on your bad side Max.

    Truly, I cower before you. Look, I’m cowering as we speak.

  13. max

    You are so not cowering jeez what a fibber.

  14. Dan

    Well, I’m cowering on the inside. And I think that should count.

    Also, like Baby Bear’s porridge, I’m sure your derriere is “just right.”

  15. “just right” I doubt it! This chick seems to break into leg lifts as an unconscious habit, if anything I think this porridge is tooo HOT!

  16. max

    Jen I have missed you are you running Oxygen yet?

  17. californiablogging

    Hardly, I can’t even figure out how to post on the new and improved WordPress. LOL

  18. I think 42 is the new 29.

  19. max

    Tell that to a twenty-nine year old and watch the laughter.

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