i have such dangerous thoughts today i am dreaming awake






where the art work comes from :
that is a shot by alfonso batalla
i cannot find a better link for him

24 Responses to today….

  1. Danger can be an opiate. Don’t let it entice you with the promise of immediate gratification at the expense of your long-term goals or happiness. Trust what you know to be true.

  2. max

    Danger and enticement are underrated.

  3. And you’re not going to share those musings?

  4. Today I took a test and found out that I am:
    Independent Sexy

    It said:
    You drive men crazy with your “playing hard to get act”
    Except, it’s really not an act at all.
    You’re a strong, sexy woman with her own life and interests.
    And that makes men even more interested in you!

    Of course I was wearing a sweatshirt and my favorite pair of ripped up jeans and I’m not sure but I think there’s pizza sauce in my hair-
    when I took the test…oooh yes, just call me The Hot House Passion Flower

  5. max

    From now on you are the hot house passion flower.

  6. What a way to end the weekend!

  7. max

    It is not over yet. You could be empress before midnight.

  8. “Danger and enticement are underrated.”
    — Just don’t shoot your eye out.

  9. max

    Cautious man. Didn’t you ever embrace something you knew could hurt?

  10. Dangerous thoughts make life worth living.

  11. I like dreaming awake. Pass some of that here. Could use some danger too, script pages, ya know?

  12. Oh Vanessa that is so accurate.

    I wonder if there are two initials floating around within Max’s sublime daydreams.

  13. max

    Most of the time. Scary.

  14. Spill your guts…… What are you dreaming about? I mean who?

  15. max

    Jennifer, you goof ball, who do you think? You wrote a freaking ode to the guy. Think.

  16. Max, it’s understandable.

    I chased a guy for five years and only when I threw in the towel (partly out of frustration, mostly of out practicality) did he beg me to come visit him in the Bahamas. Turns out he had a girlfriend the whole time. By the time he was freed up, I’d lost interest.

    (Plus I had to question his mental stability. He tried to kill himself by hacksawing his wrist after she dumped him).

  17. Jennifer is being sarcastic, right?

    Um, let’s see, girlfriend – it’s those people who climb a tree and do bad things at the top.

  18. max

    I am going to say, Just say no to the hacksaw guy. Jeez.

    I do not really chase men. I might flutter about and behave in uncharacteristic and obvious ways some, but I do not think men really want you unless they will swim through croc infested waters to have you. And I could not be a convenience. It is not in my nature.

  19. Oh well, I thought chasing men was a sport…

    He’s a little hottie. I still try to hook up with him on occasion but I think he has a girlfriend now. I tracked him down in the Bahamas(I’m good at finding people) and he emailed me but then he disappeared.

    Did I mention he is a serious dope fiend? He loves smoking weed. Maybe he just forgot.

  20. Speaking of which, I have to go track down an IP address for some girl that is getting stalked by another psycho girl. This should be fun!

  21. Getting back to hacksaw buy, he spent a long time in therapy trying to get that hand back to form.

    I don’t even know what a hacksaw looks like. I suppose I should google it.

  22. max

    I has a real thin wicked sharp blade. I tried to cut some pavers with one one time and it did not go so well, those pavers were too tough for me, but it could do some nifty damage to a wrist. If someone could keep sawing through the pain. I cannot imagine doing that to myself. Ow.

  23. “keep sawing through the pain” You are really helping with my diet there is no way I can eat. the nanny got diet cherry coke and It tastes like diet coke while sucking on a cough drop. I think it needs whiskey.

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