today i remember


bayonne memorial

The lives lost

September 11, 2001



*that is to the struggle against world terrorism
designed by zurab tsereteli
a gift from the artist
and the peoples of russia
in the wake of september 11

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  1. I can not believe it’s been 6 years already – and yet can remember the horror of that day so vividly.

  2. max

    I am never going to get past seeing people hold hands and jump.

  3. Me neither. A friend of mine saw that from her car.

  4. I can’t belive it either, 6 years already.

    I remember going to your SMR forum that day to see what all the smart and artistic people thought about that. It was a good thing you had that site, I was about to go out of my mind with the way the tv news was handling it.

  5. I was home sick from work when this happened. I was watching this all on TV by myself and then
    my phone wouldn’t stop ringing…my friends from Scotland were calling, my Mom was calling- and when I saw those people jumping I just left the phone off the hook.


  6. What I remember was the memorial service on September 11, 2002. They read every name of every person who had died in the towers. It took so long. Hours. Just to read their names. And I was pregnant. And wondering what the hell I was bringing this fetus into.

  7. max

    I got up that day and like most days, got my Diet Coke and lit my cig and slapped the computer awake. And I checked on the forum. The first new post was from Steven DeRosa. It said he could not believe what was happening. Followed by post after post after post. And I thought, What the fuck is happening? And slapped on the news. And there it was. And the thoughts spilling through my head were that cannot be real that is New York they finally got us how could that be happening while I was asleep or lighting a cigarette or opening a Coke only half awake with no idea?

  8. californiablogging

    I was up because my east coast family called to wish me happy birthday. I don’t think I even had to bother actually canceling my party. It was also weird because it was to be my last date with a muslim man I had been seeing. Even though he was a VP of a bank here in America his family notified him that they got him engaged. I offered to take care of his sister who was here visiting, she was covered and didn’t speak much English. I had construcion outside my place for a month after, which continued my surreal connection to the tragic event.

  9. My son called and woke me up and I sat in front of the TV in utter shock. I still cannot bear the images of the family members holding photos of their loved ones aloft for the cameras, or those walls of “Have You Seen?” photos. When I realized people were jumping, I sat on the floor and cried.

  10. sulya

    my other half called me from Finland, he was there on business. it was right before the second tower went down. he said, “turn on the tv”. i asked why. he said “terrorists have flown planes into the twin towers and the pentagon” and i said, “what?” and he repeated himself and i said, “what?” and he repeated himself and i said, “what”. and he said, “turn on the tv”.

    i sat there shaking. alone because he had to go. listend to a news anchor lose all his measured control as the second tower came down and went to my parents house, let myself in, snuck up to my parents’ room. they asked what was wrong. i said, “terrorisits have flown planes into the twin towers and the pentagon. the towers are gone.” my dad said “what?”… this played itself out with my sister too, who was crashing there that night – the disbelief, the incredulity, the denial…

    i flew to the netherlands to meet my other half on september 14 and on the way to the airport a plane was taking off and i saw it at this particular altitude at this particular angle and cried and thought “i cannot do this”. but i did. because what else can you do?

  11. Blane was on his way to the airport to catch a flight that day. He called me and said a plane had hit the WTC. I told him to come home, that he wasn’t getting on a plane that day for nobody.

    When I turned on the news, the second plane had just hit. I called a friend of mine who was working in NYC right by the towers and was talking to him when the first tower went down. I was watching it on tv and told him to just run because it was falling (he didn’t know).

  12. max

    Being in the middle of something is weird like that. During WTO in Seattle the only way I knew when it was safe to take the dogs out was watching the news, where I could see when the riots and squads were hitting me and when I had a clear spot. I could not see that from where I was, but the news helicopter footage could show me.

    That lasted about five days. Then the news got a lot less informative.

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  14. My roommate saw the one hitting the Pentagon from his car and went straight to his girlfriend’s house where they fled to the mountains because he truly believed it was the end of the world.

  15. By the way, my lazy ass was sleeping in ’til one with the phone turned off and I called to make a hair appointment (surprise) and they said they were going to close down because of what happened. I don’t know why but I assumed a gunman walked in the salon and shot people. That was my first thought.

  16. max

    Oh that is a good boyfriend he stopped to pick up his girl before fleeing a nuclear holocaust. Not all guys would make the stop you know.

  17. No, he is not that good of a boyfriend. I heard him cheating on her one night with another girl.

    But perhaps rescuing her before the big meltdown restores good karma!

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