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dark angelThe lunatic girl —

Who has some strange relationship with the lunatic faux record producer guy with the lunatic faux recording studio down the hall but no key is pounding on the door and yelling. [His door, not mine. Not that there is a difference in volume between the two in cement floored hallways.] This happens regularly. Allegedly because he is “asleep.” I am thinking it is some sort of drug induced “asleep.”

The violent neighbor guy is again watching the television cranked up. I wonder if living next to the lunatic faux recording studio left him permanently deaf. It is either that or it really worked out better when he lived on the other side of a cement wall from me, the dry wall wall is so not working.

I am tired. Maybe it is time to sleep. And dream of far away men with gray blue eyes.


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  1. Perhaps someone fed faux boy a cold medicine, and valium laced martini?

  2. max

    I kind of wish someone would. After the half hour of door pounding and yelling it took to wake him up, he took a couple hours to get going, and then spent hours dragging and slamming large metal objects about. Meanwhile the domestic violence guy got frisky and gave a couple trial yells out the window. I feel the full moon coming — and so do they.

  3. Do you have a video camera? You could threaten to put them on YouTube!

  4. max

    They would probably like it. They are talk show candidates just waiting to happen.

  5. How many hours have you been up reading scripts?

  6. max

    Oh not that long I took the first half of the day off.

  7. Sorry you’re having such a rough time. It could be worse, I was moving some of my stuff today and flayed myself as I was hooking up my HDTV. It was very nearly an emergency room situation. Tomorrow is going to be ugly… Seriously Ouch!

  8. max

    Oh no. You have to look good in a tux. And also, you know, have two good hands for your wedding night?

    No more flaying.

  9. I’m very glad to report that I’m not as bad as I thought I was going to be today. Just a little stiff. Actually, the problem isn’t my hands, it’s my back. I cut a nasty 3″ slice into by left shoulder blade area. It looks like I was bayonetted. As I was standing up I caught it on the corner of a counter top overhang. I immediately fell down to my knees in intense pain. I countered my condition with abundant run and coke and fell asleep in a Xanax stupor. I guess it did the trick.

    LOL, don’t worry as far as the tux goes, like Will Smith said in MIB, “I look good in this shit.” Actually, that’s why I like dressing up in general. One thing though, I’ve discovered that tying a bow tie is a total bitch. It makes a half-windsor knot seem like child’s play in comparison. I need to practice…

  10. max

    Well. There is nothing for it. You have to kill that counter overhang now.

  11. I know. I just wasn’t paying attention and I paid for it. It’s a homemade job (not mine) that wasn’t built to code (protrudes too far). And who would think the corner of the thing would be like a box cutter anyway?

    Did you have a quieter night? I hope so.

  12. max

    Well it was Saturday night in Hollywood that is never exactly quiet but there were no explosions police chases or rogue waves so it worked for me.

  13. As long are your neighbors aren’t hurling stuff onto Hollywood Blvd., or ranting on incessantly at full volume about who knows what, it’s a good thing!

  14. Well, Woeful, at least it didn’t catch your neck. Then you wouldn’t be sitting here typing to us now.

  15. I’m really lucky I didn’t catch my spine either. It’s really nasty as it is. I’m not sure how my shirt didn’t rip when it sliced me either? Weird.

  16. Your angel took the hit.

  17. moving is always an option

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