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corset_horst_iiI post a link on Twitter —

It is about one out of every hundred American Citizens being incarcerated. As in prison. That doesn’t count jail. Or awaiting trial. Or just detained for oh I dunno any reason you want for seven YEARS without charges or representation, as in Guantanamo. That’s just people serving your normal every day prison terms.

I have a lot of these links. Dating back to early 2000. I’ve posted one on Cell Blonde here: :::one out of a hundred:::

And I post a lot on Twitter. I am sort of cute and charming and sometimes funny and also pretty fact based. I am also a bitch on fire when someone pisses me off, and sometimes I think that, more than anything, people find amusing, the nice girl yelling her socks off to tell someone off when she gets mad. Or tell them they are blocked for being an asshole. Whatever it is, the result is this rock hitting the pond effect. I post. At least 10 people repeat, often more, repeat, and another ten for each of them repeat, and it moves outwards. A ripple. Information. Attitude. Thoughts. On the war. On the health care sitch. On the KBR rape sitch. But —

Not on the Americans behind bars sitch.

I post again. And again. Still, it doesn’t move.

Dead silence.

I guess no one is worried about that, that we are a police state, have been for more than at least ten years, and it is getting worse. That the countries we heard horror stories about in history class are actually afraid of us because we incarcerate more citizens than any other country in the world?

I am getting out. Seriously. Unless I go and get incarcerated for just being a little too outspoken first. Also this is going to take some figuring out since, you know, being from the humanities and all, I don’t know exactly how to escape a police state military power failing empire. But. If I can figure it out? Out of here.

I am a serious American too. An Adams. My father’s name is [or was before he died in January] John Quincy Adams. Son of. Son of. Son of. My forefathers fought the revolutionary war. Founded the nation. Wrote the constitution.

I think my forefathers also knew when it was time to cut and run though. That’s how they got here right?


*as i post this, i am listening to police instructions on loud speakers [in west hollywood] and helicopters [which i endure every night] in west hollywood and it is 3 am — that should be wrong right, to live every day and night with police yelling through loud speakers and overhead police helicopter action?

*slightly used screenwriter seeking employment in non police state send help


where the art work came from :
that is mosbacher corset by horst

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  1. Kym

    I know a man who went to jail for life…for life. His crimes—2 small bags of speed and stolen car. You know how old he was when he went in for life…for fucking life? 21.

    Sometimes my stomach heaves that I don’t do anything about this.

  2. There is nothing we can do. Not right now. The power is entrenched and they have successfully anesthetized a nation with poison food, product placement, and pharmaceuticals.

    What you can do is get off the grid, stop eating corporate food, and start withdrawing from society.

    There are communities that are doing it, or forming–quietly. Very quietly.

    There isn’t much time left.

    Max, if you are serious, I would put in a good word for you if a place were to become available. Slots are few, and requirements stringent.

  3. max

    I am not very good at life off the grid. I have a story about that —

    :::pioneer max:::

  4. max

    Kym, you live in serious police state land.

  5. tehranchik

    Lots of us are worried Max.

    People are beaten down by fear.

    Others find it hard to believe our own government would do us harm.

  6. Good story, urban girl.

    You might be surprised how the future can change a person, but I suppose time will tell.

    Your a strong woman. You’ve got what it takes, imo.

  7. Kym

    Max, it happened not far from you!

  8. max

    Kym? I missed something, what happened not far from me?

    Tehr, see, I just do not have that disbelief. Wish I did.

    Splice, there are several stories from the mountain around here somewhere. Maybe I will hunt some up and repost them. Though I left most of the more hair raising stuff out. That was a harsh winter, mad storms that winter.

  9. It seems to me that when your ancestors were involved in trying to come up with a system of government that would enable the best of humanity to flourish, they were a bit over-optimistic about humanities ability for self-rule. Actually, Mr. Adams was more of a voice of reason regarding this–too bad they wouldn’t listen (if I’m not mistaken).

    They lived a hard life back then, but I ask you: was it really harder? Is it really better to have all this convenience? Have we not suffered a loss of our collective selves–isolated in a sea of people. Cut off from what makes us truly human: our connection to Nature and to life, and to the miracle that is existence?

    Have you asked yourself (and I imagine you have)–what has brought us to this madness? When I look around I do not see much sanity left. Judging from behavior, what the hell have we become?

    I’m sorry, by the way, that no one cares about the prison industrial complex. No one likes to get their hands dirty, and no one wants to see what is wrong. No one likes to chance touching a person who might be tainted, and our system is really, really good at coloring people with taint.

    That is how it stays in power, and no one wants to be one of the tainted. You are right on with your observations. The pieces are being put into place right under the citizens noses. The most effective coup ever, imo.

  10. dobes

    My ancestors knew your ancestors. And in late 2002, I left. I live in “the new Europe” now, where my reasonable taxes go to pay for my free health care. Have never seen a prison here. But I gotta tell ya – not so easy to get screenwriting love way over here….

  11. max

    @ Splice, I don’t think anyone envisioned the size of future populations or government. Each state was pretty much a little fiefdom, and there were only thirteen of them.

    @ Dobes, yeah, screenwriting is not exactly exportable.

  12. True–how could they have known we would so successfully lengthen life span and breed so much? One of the biggest mistakes man has ever made was in forgetting that we are animals.

  13. max

    Governing models we have do not work. This is in part because of their origins. Pretty much every governing model is based on someone’s ancestors beating the crap out of someone else’s ancestors, claiming ownership of all the land, and then demanding everyone else fork over rent. That is just not a good model to base “just” government and law on. Part of it is because of the size of countries and populations now. And part of it is the volunteerism factor in government. If the only people who govern are people who want power over others, that doesn’t generally attract the most altruistic of personalities. And business, like populations, has grown terribly large and is an animal all its own pulling strings at the expense of everyone and everything in its path which subverts the whole process further. And it is all kept in place by, again, volunteer forces. Volunteer police. Volunteer soldiers. Which again, well, when a person wants to carry a gun and shove people around, that system can lead to an overriding general mindset that doesn’t exactly make for an altruistic police force or military force supporting a governing body that isn’t exactly altruistic promoted by a corporate element that is driven by profit and anything but altruistic. It is problematic.

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