time off


chaov_legsSo. I am taking time off.

Not just because you guys did not pull your own weight every time I asked you to.

[Really that is exactly why.]

But because I have some other things to do.

So be good. I will be back later.

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where the art work comes from :
that is from chaovsky

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  1. forkboy1965

    I’m so ashamed. I should be spanked.


    Thank you.

  2. Kym

    You’re blaming us poor readers but really it is because you are addicted to Facebook and Twitter. And now you are trying to suck us into the morass of your addiction. No, I will not join Twitter…I will not…join….

  3. max

    Nathan Fillion is on Twitter. :::whistling:::

    Fork I am so not going to be lured into sex games here Bad Fork Bad.

  4. It’s just getting harder and harder to keep up with all the social networking things and attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

    Have a good break.

  5. max

    Okay I should say this. It is time to write a script. When I am just holding, in a pattern, just wanting to do something creative every day regardless of writing anything bigger, the blog is really good for me. I do one post a day, I say, today, you will do one thing creative no matter what. And it can be writing my own thing or just going out and finding something cool and fun to share. But it must be an act that is creative. And, in holding patterns? I do that. And I have been in a holding pattern.

    But? When I have a big project I am working on? When I have to write this script now. That takes a lot of energy. And it has to be directed. Not interrupted.

    So. Gone for a little while. Still love you. But. Need to finish this script.


  6. Wishing you the very best with that, Max.

  7. Kim

    take the time you need [read one or two days max]. we will be here [read with attitude and bitterness].

  8. Kym

    Good luck with that Max!

  9. G Eagle Esq

    The Lady Max

    My Lady

    err – I hope it’s nothing I’ve written

    I know how Gordon Brown feels

    As Eeyore said in Winnie the Pooh, I don’t care who you blame, as long as you don’t blame me

    Yr obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

  10. max

    Oh Eagle you are always nice.

  11. Break a leg on that script but please don’t forget us. Now – do not waste those creative juices on replying here – get back to work! ;)

  12. Max said …

    “It is time to write a script.”

    She said IT!

    She SAID IT!!

    SHE SAID IT!!!

    And all the angels started to sing their praises to the Lord. For days and day they sang. And all the good men and all the good things on Earth rejoyced.

    Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Halle-lu-jah!

    [Ad lib improvisation of blind organ player. Also plays some of J.S.Bach’s fugues, as choir punctuactes occasionally with crescendos and decrescendos.]

    Christmas has arrived early this year.

    And I mean it!


  13. Why is it I look at this post’s illustration and start thinking all at once of Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega and Liza Minelli? Answer that, whydontcha?

  14. max

    You have a thing for singer girls?

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