time for something fun


It is totally time for something fun. [Politics are fecking grueling ahhh!] Louis CK is totally fun. Yay!




We will return to universal health care shortly.


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  1. forkboy1965

    That made me snort!

    We are so jaded by our constant updates to technology, aren’t we? I still remember the very first time in my life I became impatient with faster, better, more awesome technology.

    I was heating up some left-over dinner in the microwave, when I realized I was tapping my foot in annoyance at the 30-seconds this event was going to take.


    It used to take 30-seconds just to get the damn pan out of the cabinet so I could spend 10-minutes heating up left-overs on the stove.

    What a dork.

  2. max

    LOL — we all do it.

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