tie me down... again

bajema’s jariJennifer found this post tag surfing —

Jennifer has hella sexier tags than I do. My tags turn up ponies in compact automobiles. Jen’s tags turn up —

Okay that is the sexiest thing I have ever read on a blog : :::ravished:::

[that is probably not work or mom safe]


where the art work comes from :
that is bajema

21 Responses to tie me down… again

  1. I thought I was getting punk’d or something when I read it. I’m all about marriage now…. um sort of.

  2. max

    Well when I find a man who will lash me to a headboard and wake me pressing my thighs apart I will marry him.

    Till then? Not so much.

  3. Wow, thanks for that. I’m having a bit of trouble swallowing now… eh… so to speak.

    Whew. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

  4. max

    It is not just you.

  5. sulya

    I am reminded of myself and a friend as newbie teenagers just figuring out what the expression “that’s so hot I’m sliding off my chair” might mean…

  6. I came over from engtech’s site, and this is what I end up reading…

    Big ups to engtech. And Jennifer for that matter.

  7. I think I need a little more than that to get turned on. I’m jaded.

  8. Hm. I found something even sexier but it’s my secret.

  9. Don’t be selfish, Stiletto…

  10. Just kidding, ladies.

    I wonder how long this couple has been married. In any event, it’s refreshing to hear a happily married story and one that has some actual activity in it.

  11. Just kidding, ladies.

    Bummer. My engine was revving…

  12. max

    Oh now you have done it Stil. You have unleashed the engine that is Janie.

  13. Mothers are removing their children from the streets as we speak…

  14. “Mothers are removing their children from the streets as we speak…”

    And they ought to remove them from airplanes, too!

  15. Not to mention the local parks, the riverfront, and the new elevator down at city hall…

  16. max

    It is not the children I fear for. It is the clergy.

  17. You mean you fear the clergy with children?

  18. max

    I fear what Janie will do to clergy. Those guys take vows you know.

  19. max has read The Itch.

    She’s in the know.

  20. max

    Oh yes I am all savvy and stuff.

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