throw back thursday



You might think, looking at this photo, I was not happy with the outfit.

That would be untrue.  I have been big on hats and bags since birth.

I was however really annoyed at the camera operator who wanted me to put down the stuffed cat creature toy.

Yeah.  That wasn’t going to happen.



PS: As a secondary note, the color distortion in this photo is not actually the result of it being taken in 1802. [Though that might be really interesting.] The house in the background is, in fact, pink. The person behind me is in fact wearing pink. I am in fact wearing pink. And the poor film succumbed to pink overload, turning everything, yes, pretty much pink. As a future filmmaker, I would like to point out this might account for my clearly recorded disdain and disapproval for the shot of record. Or, it might indicate I am in fact the long lost sister of Lillian and Dorothy Gish, was born in the late 1800’s, and am just making up big lies to cover for being around way longer than is normal.


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