this play is funny as hell


wasps_sepiai caught my friend Michelle’s

Play The Wasps tonight.

[Which was pretty damn cool since it was before opening night and I was a guest of the producer — how cool are my friends?]

This play is wonderful. Really funny. I mean REALLY FUNNY.

[I laughed so hard I had to fight to save my eye make up.]

Definitely catch this if you can. And not just because a friend of mine produced. It is amazing fun. Playing at The Lost Theater Studio in Los Angeles opening night is TOMORROW it is running through July 26th.


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  1. forkboy1965

    Well fly me on out and I’ll be more than happy to attend!

  2. max

    Say, aren’t you the guy who said if I paid for my own meal you’d take me out? I am seeing a trend here Fork Guy.

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