this one is for roscoe


roscoe tributeThere I am.

[No not in the photo doy that is a rabbit in the photo i was being figurative.]

Innocently perusing Deviant Art.

Then —

This photo hits.

[Yes, the rabbit photo that is not me.]

I laugh really hard.

All I can think is, Roscoe.


where the bunny photo comes from :
that is spicy in the mirror from —
oh fuck me could this be harder to spell? —
from uvadtmfub

[the photo rocks but your screenname screams virgin star wars action figure collector uvadtmfub]

9 Responses to this one is for roscoe

  1. chuckle..they shut down two blogs for me that were taken before they lost patience and said “we really can’t do this again.” okey dokey.

    I’m having my kid take pics of the wonder bunny, and you’ll be able to check them out maybe tonight.

  2. max

    Wow. More pics on the blog?

    I have so corrupted you.

  3. being a bad influence is its own reward…go with it

    hows max

  4. max

    Today I am cheerfully looking forward to Rosco photos.

  5. well, they are up. 3 of them.

    cheerfully is a good thing

  6. max

    Ooh la la.

    [going to see]

  7. he most cetainly is, and has the cliche redhead temperant down pat.

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