this one is for kym


adam baldwinAlso —

I am totally not going to explain it.




19 Responses to this one is for kym

  1. Kym

    Oh my god, my stomach totally twisted and I actually drooled.

    You are sooooo not fair to not prepare me for this.

    I’ll be in my bunk….

  2. Ripley Muscles.

  3. max

    That is Adam Baldwin who probably has the sexiest man arms on the planet. :::dreamy sigh:::

  4. californiablogging

    Seriously hot!

  5. max

    Yes. Six foot four inches of solid man. That just makes the world a better place to live in.

  6. Does Kym share? Or lend?

  7. max

    Kym and I wrestle over Jayne — that is the character he plays on Firefly.

  8. Kym

    Right now I’m sharing him with his wife. That’s the most I’m willing to do.

  9. max

    See how she is? That is just stingy.

  10. Yeah, especially since there’s 6’4 inches of him to go around!

  11. max

    [I say that like I would share which is real misleading I would not share a bit.]

  12. Kym

    Sorry, you can’t share you don’t have him (just his pic). He’s mine, he just is somewhat in the dark about it right now…

  13. max

    [Told you she wrould wrestle for him.]

  14. Kym

    Could you arrange that I wrestle him??? Please???

  15. Ahh…now I understand the true depths of Kym’s interest in Firefly ;-)

  16. Kym

    Really, it’s the great writing :fingerscrossed:

  17. max

    The writing is excellent.


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