this one is for janie

max eyesOkay Miss Janie, that is the closest to sassy almost naked I have got so that is for you.

That is a bathing suit shot from the modeling days.

[The things we do in our teens.]

Also the very brunette days.

[Holy cats.]

My face was always prettier than my body so these were the shots I always walked away with on bathing suit days.

Jeez, lookit all the make up.

Also wow that nose really needed more contouring.

Teenagers know dick about head shots.

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  1. It’s perfect, Max. Look at those eyes!

    Thank you.

    Birthday Kisses to you.

  2. max

    And a birthday smooch for you, Sunshine. Have a happy one.

    [and no tongue]

  3. Y’know, the more I look at this picture, the more I gotta tell ya’:

    I don’t care how “straight” a girl is, if that picture doesn’t do something very warm and fuzzy for her, she needs to go see her doctor immediately.

  4. No tongue, Max. Just sweet kisses.

  5. max

    Aw, well, I always had those eyes. They burn or melt someone one way or the other most times.

    I look so much tamer as a blonde though. Almost respectable.

  6. I am not fooled.

    Just so y’know.

  7. max

    Wait. You like people of the cloth. That might not work here. Oops.

  8. Yeah, I’m pretty much an equal opportunity seductress.

  9. max

    Yes you are. Try not to do too much damage on the birthday. [smile]

  10. Wow
    Talk about owning your own space-
    Way to be

  11. brute

    hypnotically breathtaking!

  12. Wow, you look striking as a brunette. Kind of vampy, in a good way. Way to go, the hotness.

  13. max

    [[[the hotness]]]

    That so cracks me up.

    Brut, is that you? Or have you been abducted and impersonated by an eloquent complimentor alien guy?

  14. Wow. That sure got my attention, Mother Superior.

    Do you take confession, by any chance?


    Seriously Max, dripping with The Hotness.

    Max-imum Pwnage!

  15. max

    You and Janie crack me up.

    No confessions, but a few our fathers never killed anyone. I think.

  16. Wow wow wowser! Gorgeous eyes, but how dare a photog have you hide those cupid lips. Today is Valentine’s for Chrissake.

    And cut it out already about the nose.

    Happy Valentine’s day. There’s still time or Mr. Hunk to walk through the door.

  17. max

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Smooch!

    Hey, if Mr. Hunk is going to walk through the door I have to shave my legs and change out this ripped up tee and pink flannel pajama bottoms ensemble for something more, um, flattering.

    Oh the pressure.

    [I do not really have to do that do I? No hunk is coming you fibber.]

  18. Killer eyes. You should … I don’t know. Do something with those eyes.

    Blow that up huge and hang it on the walls.


  19. max

    It would get very old for me looking at that every day. There are pics I like way more:

    They are not fancy or sexy, but that is me with my dog and that means more to me.

  20. My Dear Max,

    I have been really distressed over this whole “no hunk coming in the door” thing for you, and I had to do something about it.

    I hope you don’t mind. You know I’m not much of a stand aside and shut up kind of girl.

    So I went down to the local fictional people pub (yes, we have our own pub, no drinking age and you have to know the secret handshake to get in) and talked to Mirco for a while. (He’s a regular there, and likes to slide his bare butt on the bar – where did you think that picture was taken, anyway?)

    You’ll be having company tonight after you go to sleep.

    You’d better change.


  21. max

    Damn. This means I have to shave my legs.

  22. You need to wax them. Penance for torturing Janie like that.

  23. max

    I was sick. You cannot wax legs when you are sick and you cannot let them go so — I am doing the ghastly razor thing. I am so ashamed.

  24. aj

    Nice photo. I agree with Kitty, the photog should not have skipped the lips.

  25. What movie was she in…………? Wait, she’s that girl in college where all the boys, ALL THE BOYS followed her every move, took French to be next to her and then kept her on the dance floor all night. Or was it a movie???

  26. max

    Wow, Jennifer, I wish.

  27. Max, I just talked to Mr. Hunk who went by and rang your doorbell. He said there was no answer.
    I told him to go back, that you must have been in the tub shaving those gams (see, should have waxed them).

  28. max

    You are starting to sound suspiciously like Susan, Kitty.

    “Dear Aquarius, You are golden in love.”

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  30. brute

    brute is my french alter ego.

    see you in paris.

  31. max

    Brut is your seemaxrun identity, lose that, I would be worried.

  32. brute

    oui, oui ma, chere,
    brut is that little stinker you knicknamed after a repulsive mens cologne. but brute, with an e, melts under the hypnotic eye (sigh) of a beautiful brunette

  33. max

    Heavens. Are you all right? You guys usually only carry on like this when Cyb is around.

  34. Wow! Very cool – sultry, alluring, those eyes really take you in (and you get taken by ’em)! Nice!

  35. You look like someone who was in this movie and I cannot remember the name of either of them.

    What are you thinking about?

  36. max

    Well, the room had too many layers of paint and was cold, but mostly I would just zone on the camera, the camera takes on a personality and it is you and the camera talking and everything else goes away till that breaks.

  37. Ok, I found her!

    Don’t get mad, I could only find a pic on Mr. Skin! (chuckle)

    She was in Amityville 2: The Possession. But just from the eyes up, and the intensity of her coloring and hair remind me of yours in your picture.

  38. BTW, Janie’s blog is exceptional looking. I’d like to steal her secrets and make one just like hers!

  39. Max is way hotter.

    Um… I don’t really have anything of substance to say, I just popped in for a fix.

  40. Stiletto Girl, I’d be happy to send you the CSS for it.

    It’s just the three column Sandbox theme dressed up to mimick the Chaotic Soul template, and tweaked to remind me of my old Blogger blog.

  41. Oh, and thanks.

    Kisses to you.

  42. max

    Jeez, Stilletto, a skin shot?

    I do not think I look like her.

  43. Well, you have to see the movie but be warned – there’s like, incest in it but in all fairness to the brother, he was possessed.

    She’s actually quite stunning. From the nose up, your picture reminded me of her! Oh, shut up and stop analyzing and just accept the compliment! lol

    Janie, I knew it! I was thinking, this reminds me of a Chaotic Soul Blogger mix! Honest to God! Yes, I would love to see the CSS although that is one thing I’m not an expert an manipulating!

    Thank you!

  44. max

    My bad. Hey, thanks.

  45. Stiletto,

    The CSS is merrily awaiting your perusal in your inbox.


  46. max

    Stilletto changes blog layouts like most women change lingerie. She is on task.

  47. Funny because I have a ton of lingerie but always stick to one which happens to be my favorite. Maybe I am due for a change lol

    Janie, I will go check. Mucho gracias!!!!

    PS Max, that was the only shot I could find. I searched and couldn’t find squat other than what was on Mr. Skin. Besides, she’s older now and I wanted a pic of when she was in her heyday.

  48. Funny because I have a ton of lingerie but always stick to one which happens to be my favorite. Maybe I am due for a change lol

    You should let us be the judge of that!


  49. max

    Hey Stilletto do you know that new fancy dress the stilletto site is wearing makes all responses go to a 404 error page? The only way to respond now is to go to the site, scroll to the post, open the post, and scroll down and answer, it is kind of awkward.

  50. Janie, I’ll think about it!

    Max, I changed it because it was acting up. I can’t deal with high maintenance!

  51. max

    It is too bad, it is a pretty style, but it was a bitch to navigate.

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