this is sort of funny


So a while back —

I see this link coming in to the blog that says “Max has been waiting for letters so here is one” [um, yeah I was but they were supposed to be real email sent to the blonde assassin not personal addresses posted all over the web ahem] and I click it and it is this diatribe about how much Chefleur’s Caprice does not dig Forest Gump and it is totally addressed to me.

So I post a response, Give me a freaking break Che, I did not write Forest Gump what do you write Pat Conroy every time Larry McMurtry pisses you off?

There is no response for days and then one day —

Poof. My name is gone. My response is gone. Now it is just this disgruntled post about Forest Gump.


*i got kind of nasty email though, what was up with that?


where the art work comes from :
that is from alephnaught

0 Responses to this is sort of funny

  1. Beware of those spam robots, they are as clever as a replicant on a bad hair day.

  2. max

    Ah. You have been watching Stargate.

  3. I don’t understand. Why would this be addressed to you? Is it spam?

  4. max

    It is a blog post. I do not know why it was addressed to me.

  5. aj

    He is sitting in a corner, head hunched in his knees, hands over his ears chanting “she is not real, she is not real, she is not real”

  6. aj

    Well, some people are creepy. Or pathetic. I often find it hard to distinguish the two

  7. max

    Oh that is not hard to distinguish. Pathetic people just whinge a lot. Creepy people whinge a lot and then they buy weapons.

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