this is so cool


This is seriously one of coolest things I have seen in an age. Turn your sound up.



PS : No one forget to watch Castle tonight.

You forgetful bastards! You totally forgot didn’t you?

Tonight, Monday March 9, ABC, 10 PM PST 9 PM Central watch Castle.



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  1. Andrew

    Inglorious, not “forgetful.” :)

  2. Kym

    I’m guessing that Nathan Fillion is drawing the fans into Castle because, although a post I did on him over a year ago normally gets a few hits a day, it has gotten 30 in the last 4 hours.

  3. I never could pass up a good street performance.

    I wasn’t home for Castle and Blane had two other shows taping at the same time.
    There’s gonna be a fight.

  4. I loved it – the world is united (for once)!

  5. I thought I’d seen this one before, but I hadn’t. Gorgeous.

    Castle is available for HD Streaming from the ABC website, Kitty. It’s not too late!

  6. Thanks Pooks, I’ll check that out.

  7. Wow. You find cool stuff.

  8. Oh goody! It follows my nine pm Monday eve dates with Jack Bauer! However, Jack leaves me exhausted and usually I pass out.

    Maybe it is time to get TIVo.

  9. Kim

    i was moved to tears by this. art may be are only hope for survival…

  10. Ben

    Check out the others “One Love” is brilliant.

  11. Almost posted this one! Worth viewing again. Inspirational!

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