this is just to see


bell collarIf someone is paying attention.


where the art work comes from :
that is the great escape by l&coolj

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  1. Well I don’t know about anyone else paying attention, but it looks to me like you’ve dulled the colors down in that graphic, while I specifically remember advising you

    Choose vibrant colors over earthy ones this month. They’ll do you more good, and you’ll feel better about the things that happen. Not just in your wardrobe, but in all things.

    And further, I remember mentioning

    And what’s up with you and circles this month? Something about a circle, a loop, the letter o or a zero or something? Not a ring, I don’t think, but definitely round.

    Way big for you this month.

    Oh I am good.


  2. roscoe does not climb trees, but if he did climb trees that would be one fu%$ed wabbit

    hi max

  3. Well, it might be muted but there is color…

  4. max

    I have not seen any circles. But I bought a salmon colored hoody which for me is very bright. I have not been as tactful as I could be. No exciting water works.

    Hi Criminy.

  5. max

    [yeah, what woeful said, there is color]

  6. Ah, but the cat collar is a circle, and the bells on it are certainly round! This may turn out to be the circle thing, but I doubt it. :)

    The colors in the graphic might just be an optical illusion then, but looking at the original, they seem much brighter in the original than they do in your graphic. Or I could just be crazy, it’s so hard to tell these things y’know.


  7. max

    Well it is muted so it will match in here.

  8. So that means I have to tell the guys in the white coats to go back to “the resting place” they were about to haul me off to?

    Darn, we were just getting acquainted, and they still had their clothes on. You have lousy timing, Max Adams.



  9. wow it is a collar…i thought it was a bunny…i should’ve enlarged it…its not black so it serves me no purpose

  10. pinkadillies

    I like it :)

    Are those bells on the collar? It reminds me of Santa for some reason…

  11. max

    Well you do not have to tell them now Janie. Later would work.

    Criminy, it cannot all be about Roscoe. [Do not tell Roscoe I said that.]

    Pink, yes, bells.

  12. i’m gonna tell the hundred dollar gorilla and let him tell roscoe..this isn’t going to be looks like a rabbit in mini form..of course i have bad eyes

  13. I have ADD so I can’t play this game. I saw the bells way before the collar. PS. I think a salmon hoody will look very cute on Max.

  14. me too, max, but i think a salmon wrapped in a hoodie and stuffed in faux music recording stars closet would be more fun

  15. I’m so confused and totally missing it here. But then I can’t see without glasses. This must be some inside joke.

  16. Looks like two eyeballs got ripped out and strung up in a tree.

  17. max

    Jennifer and I are going to play dress up while the infidels get their eyewear prescriptions refilled.

  18. We should have warned you not to climb that tree, Max. Sorry.

  19. max

    Hindsight is the devil’s revenge.

  20. A pink collar with bells.
    That IS the Devil’s revenge.

  21. max

    Oh no. Run, Insanity, run!

  22. The last time I put a collar on Insanity was 12 years ago.

    I still can’t get the stain out of my carpet.


  23. max

    Jones wore a bell collar and a body harness. He did not like putting them on or taking them off but he wore them.

  24. Pink collars with bells are not comfortable at all.

    Ahem. Just saying.

  25. it was probably just to small…try going up a size

  26. max

    Criminy, you are talking about the collar, right?

  27. well of course…speaking of which. I’ve done an exhaustive 48 second search of random blonde and the only collar thing i come up with is your special occassion collar

    hi max You good?

  28. i just tripped on what else i could be talking about…you’ve a naughty mind max

  29. max

    I am good Criminy thank you for asking.

  30. don’t mention it…i only know 4 interesting people so i like to check on their well being time to time

  31. Follow up, Max? Gory details? Vague innuendo?

    You gotta give us somethin!

  32. sulya

    Honestly that collar just reminds me of a very sad statistic, news report I once heard about pets and coyotes and the endowment lands in Vancouver which border a residential neighbourhood.

    The dirty talk is far more appealing.

  33. max

    Um, that bell collar is not really about “pets.”

  34. sulya

    Depends on how you look at thinks I suppose (wink).

  35. max

    This is true.


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