this is just annoying


Look how cute this girl is in those overalls.

Asian girls always look cute in overalls. It is like some cosmic rule : “Asian girls will always be cute in overalls.”

If I put those overalls on I would not look cute like that. At all.

It is just like white gogo boots. Asian girls can wear white gogo boots and look good. White girls? Not so much.

*i am not kidding about asian girls being always cute in overalls look there is another asian girl in overalls being shockingly cute









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  1. Ah, the burdens of being a round-eyed devil . . .

  2. I’m only half asian and it’s true-
    I look good in overalls
    I have a collection of them.
    Go figure.

  3. I know some non-Asian girls who look pretty cute in bib-and-brace overalls. Preggo girls, too, they look pretty fantastic in overalls, i find.

    I can’t say i’ve seen a lot of Asian girls in overalls. Except for those heroic poster images from the Cultural Revolution. And they just look scary.

  4. max

    I have to kill Anita now. Wow this is so embarasing.

  5. Forget the overalls – I am looking at those shoes.

  6. max

    Don’t the shoes rock? I have been all over looking for those shoes with no luck.

  7. Need to get a brand name for those. They look like they may be John Fluevog’s.

  8. max

    They are so not Fluevog. Do you have a fever?

  9. Drew

    Thank. You. Max.

  10. max

    Drew you are the only guy I know who considers every image of a cute Asian girl posted a personal gift. You crack me up.

  11. I wouldn’t dream of wearing this stuff unless I was role playing in the boudoir. It looks obscene on me.

  12. max

    Wow you really think so? I think it is really cute but I could never pull that look off.

  13. c

    an Asian girl would look good in a barrel. everything looks good on an Asian girl!!! they are the pinnacle of female perfection!!

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