this is for kym


This is for Kym. It cracks me the hell up.




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  1. Kym

    Oh,God. I hope this doesn’t curse me. I found another gopher hole yesterday. I just ignore them because they always win. Last year one gopher dug a hole in the side of our pond and half emptied the thing. My mom resorted to exploding shotgun shells–she never got one but I was always afraid she’d get my youngest!

  2. max

    Wow. YOUR mom? SHOTGUN shells?

  3. Kym

    What can I say? She loves her garden.

  4. max

    Okay I so have difficulty imagining your mother blowing up furry little animals.

  5. Kym

    She had no trouble imagining it…accomplishing it was another matter.

  6. Gopher death metal is a new one. My neighbors hate me now.

  7. Wiarton Willie doesn’t have anything half this cool.

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