this is a cursed post


Seriously. It has gone horribly wrong. Twice. Like computers crashing mouses blowing up WRONG.

It started with someone asking why there is no music on CellBlonde. Me saying, Do not be silly there is a whole music category — and then looking at it.

Oh. Right. Not a lot of music. Hmm.

I am kind of pathologically protective of my music taste. There is a whole story [probably requiring massive therapy] behind that but —

Here is Tori.




:::tori amos:::


[Okay now I am off to find the MCR, Leonard Cohen & Jeff Buckley posts. They are around here somewhere dammit. Also didn’t I post Maroon 5? Jeez.]



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  1. max

    Hey, Dad. [smile] Happy late birthday.

  2. {{{Perky ears}}}

    Jeff Buckley? Did someone say Jeff Buckley?


  3. Oh. Ahem. Happy Late Birthday… Dad!

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