things undone


waking iii by mansel daviesToday I was struck with a brilliant concept —

And went in and told the students I am sick the reviews are not going to happen today they have to wait.

What a concept. I am sick. You have to wait. I forget I can do that sometimes.

Things undone today : Farmer’s market. Hardware store. Script reads. Student reviews. Web stuff. Light bulp replacement. Laundry. Supply run. Sheets changed. Hair. Nails. Fix toilet. Catch ginormous bug.

I ran a chain through the toilet so actually it works in an antique toilet pull flush way.

The ginormous bug is hiding. That works for me. Stay hiding Ginormo.


Things done today : Sleep.


where the art work comes from :
that is waking up 3 by mansel davies

[you will not find the waking photos on his
commercial site though you will find them

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  1. I had food poisoning once- and on that day my son was driving my Jeep and someone hit him- later that day I barfed in my hallway and there was no one there to clean it up except for me ( because they were all out taking care of the kid )

    and my sweet little cat, Insanity Jones in the flesh- decided to bring me a bird with a busted wing to play with.

    I stuck it in a cat carrier and had it dropped off at a PAWS Wildlife shelter- my cat let know exactly what he thought of that by hocking up a hairball on my freshly cleaned floor

    I wish to God I was kidding.

    Trust me…the world can wait- even the Bug.

    Feel Better- shall I FEDEX you a care package?
    Let me know…

  2. max

    You are fedexing me Insanity Jones, right?

  3. Anita, made me laugh and I am trying to be compassionate here….

    I’ve had a headache for two days before it dawned on me to take a friggin advil…. just was plowing through life ignoring the headache

    So I understand ( kind of) how much it took to get you to settle down and take care of yourself.

    I was yaking last week myself, I thought it was hang over meets pms but then I thought maybe it was Daphne’s chicken K bob…… Zach was ” mom, don’t die” LOL OH my god I was laughing so hard while dry heaving…. Later we dined on the saltines and soda together and that part he thought was pretty cool….

  4. Like I’d FEDEX you PEZ…I’m convinced that would make you feel better but it wouldn’t fix anything.

    So of course I’d send you Insanity.

    He’d take care of that bug…and small animals and life on the West Coast as we know it.


  5. max

    This squirrel got a big crush on my Jones one time. That is the only animal I have ever seen Jones fear. Aggression he could handle from anything on this world. But, infatuation? He hid from that squirrel. Would not go outside when the squirrel was around. And that squirrel would creep up to the window and press itself against the glass looking inside to see if it could catch sight of the “squirrel” with the beautiful white fluffy tail.

  6. A love story…wait I’m gonna go grabe Wolfie and read this to him.

    In fact, I’m gonna read it to the little monster twice AND in voices. Ha, he deserves it.

    I wonder…could we be talking about the same cat?

    I’m thinking…..

  7. max

    They are both “Jones” cats and have similar personality traits. [When Jones was annoyed with me he would wait till I started eating and then hack up a hair ball.]

    I dated a guy who called Jones “Mr. Jones” enough another friend thought his name was Mr. Jones not just Jones.

  8. Yeah, Wolfie does that a lot- he’s like a mutant feline version of a Spitting Cobra.

    But least when the Spitting Cobra gets you you go blind or something- not so with Kitty Chunks.

    You get the full experience with that.


  9. My cat used to get into fights with other cats at inconvenient times. Like Christmas. So there is the family on Xmas day trying to stuff an enraged cat with its tail ripped to bloddy rags into the cat basket ready to go and make some poor vet’s day.

    Anyway. Hope the lurgi goes away soon. Ginger tea is supposed to be good for poorly stomachs.

  10. max

    Oh no more tea. Last time I was sick I lived on tea for weeks and then I had to bleach my teath and they are still not all the way back. Tea kills my teeth.

  11. sulya

    When my first cat, Alligator, wanted to annoy me he would stand on my desk. Line up an eraser, a small bulldog stapler, a paper clip or two – all along the edge of my desk – look right at me, meow, and then swipe them off the desk one by one, in the order he’d arranged them. And, he too, was once frightened by a squirrel oddly enough…

    Glad things have turned a corner. And, in insect solidarity, I can tell you that I have a very pesky, small fruitfly in my office that does fly-bys on a more-or-less regular basis.

    As far as I understand it, ginger tea is an herbal, no caffeine, no tannins. Probably fine for your teeth. It’s usually just the palest of pale gingery colours once steeped… Fact is I usually just steep raw ginger in hot water for a while. Though, they also make ginger caplets, sold at vitimin/supplement stores. Good for the stomach when feeling naueous and no risk to teeth whatsoever.

  12. aj

    “hardware store” — you are clearly distraught. Unless you put that in there so it “seems” like tackling the wall board is still on the agenda, when really, it went out with knee high socks and bell-bottoms.

  13. max

    Knee high socks and bell bottoms went out? What?

  14. Are you feeling better today, Max? Did you catch up on your sleep?

  15. max

    I am feeling better and starting to catch up. Thanks.

  16. you seem to have a recurring ginormo bug problem

  17. max

    It is the same bug.

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