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ballet shoe with roseThings that bug me —

Why can I leave my toothbrush plugged in for months on end, but if I leave my phone plugged in five minutes past the charge cut off the battery gets killed?

[Can’t the phone people buy batteries from the toothbrush people?]

Why don’t French people get fat?

[French people have no low fat food shouldn’t they be fat as hell?]

Why do all police women on TV have long hair?

[Isn’t long hair a handle for bad guys to grab?]

Why is everyone I know taking anti-depressives depressed?

[If people take do-not-be-depressed medicine, shouldn’t they be not depressed?]

Why do Republican candidates say terminating a pregnancy is murdering a baby but if it is performed for health reasons or after a rape it is okay?

[Shouldn’t murdering a baby never be okay?]


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  1. Humm…

    1) Your phone is probably using an antiquated NiCad battery instead of a Li-Ion.

    2) Umm, How about Gerard Depardieu?

    3) How come all photographers on TV/Movies develop prints under red lights? That hasn’t been done since the 1930’s… And why do cops on TV always seem to have the best toys to play with (CSI) when in reality they’re not nearly so lucky?

    4) One would think…

    5) A huge chunk of Republicans (Conservative Christians) don’t think abortion is ever OK.

  2. conundrum

    Good questions today

    Do police women have long hair so they can feel/appear more feminine out of uniform?

    I don’t know about the Republicans where you live but where I live they absolutely think that the victims of rape and incest must endure all 9 months of pregnancy AND women who develop life threatening conditions during pregnancy must die. No “ifs” “ands” or “buts” ever.

  3. The one thing that bugs me is Jealousy.
    It’s Poison.


    And commercials- I hate them so much I don’t watch TV more then a couple of hours a week.

    that’s about it for me…commercials and jealousy- everything else I jus fire bomb- JUST KIDDING

  4. max

    Woe have phones stopped doing that? I have lived in fear of over charging a phone ever since the time I did kill a phone by overcharging it.

    Con, at least that perspective is not hypocritical.

  5. “Why don’t French people get fat? ”
    If TV and movies have not led me astray (and why would they want to do THAT?), French people smoke themselves thin. Now, it didn’t work for me, but I’m not French. They’ve just put in a set of new bans on smoking in France. I say check them out in 5 years, they’ll be just as super-sized as us North Americans.

  6. I think Woeful’s spot on about #5. A related issue I often wonder (not judge) about is why do Republicans seem to worry way more about the unborn and the already dead than they do about the currently living?

  7. Kym

    Why do some people say all life is sacred, abortion is wrong, AND the Death penalty is just fine? Hey if all life is sacred, even barely fertilized eggs, then oughtn’t full grown people (even if you don’t like them) also be included…

  8. californiablogging

    1- I leave my phone on the charger for days. I do unplug my laptop and us the battery until it’s fully gone at least once a week. I’ve heard it’s not good to leave it plugged in all the time.

    2- I know a fat french person a guy though.

    3- Our fav female TV cop has long hair. Animal Planets Annmarie Lucas, Special investigator for human law enforcement. She’s hot!

    4-I think there are better drugs to offered the depressed.

    5-This is like the vegetarians who believe in reincarnation. I don’t get it.

  9. Kym: exactly, I can’t understand people who don’t see that as a logical inconsistency.

  10. max

    All life is sacred except at the clinic we will blow them up and except for criminals we will stick a poison needle in them and except in the Middle East we will drop bombs on them….

  11. Kym

    Some people’s political positions are so inconsistent, they seem mentally ill and they scare the heck out of me.

  12. max

    I think you are being kind when you say “seem.”

  13. “[Isn’t long hair a handle for bad guys to grab?]”

    Depends on the situation, really.

  14. I’m still wondering why there is Braille on the drive-up ATM. That really scares me.

  15. It does explain some drivers, however.

  16. max

    Valliant, I am confused, you will have to show me what you mean.

    Janie, do they really still have that? I have the best story from high school driver’s ed class about that I had forgotten — till now.

  17. Look at the battery Max. If it’s a Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) you can charge it forever with no harm. Most electronics today are using Li-Ions, including laptops, cellphones, and iPods, etc… NiCads had that “memory” effect, and like to be charged only after they were totally spent, and not left on the charger indefinitely. Picky!

    California blogging has a good point about anti-depressants. There are so many and usually only one works for any given person… The people still depressed need to try the others until the hit the right meds.

  18. max

    Okay I opened the phone and it is a Li-something that means I can charge as much as I want?

    [Yay the miracles of modern science!]

    I think you missed Jen’s meaning though.

  19. max

    Damn. Now I have to tell the story. And it is not… exactly complimentary to all parties involed. Damn again.

  20. max

    [I really work being kind and sort of letting off offending parties did anyone know that?]

  21. I think American’s are fat because of Trans-fats and fast food. French food isn’t fast, it is slow, relaxing, and washed down with wine.

    Did you know that since McDonald’s invaded India that diabetes has gone through the roof, and that a lot of poor people have to get limbs cut off because they are too poor to deal with the diabetes?

    Do you want fries with that?

  22. slowburn33

    Technically, police women are required to wear their hair pinned up and under their police hat.

    As you stated Max, so it doesn’t get grabbed and pulled during arrest situations.

    However, the police uniform is rather emasculating so I’m guessing they like to wear the hair down and long to look more feminine.

    That and it’s easier?

    Works for me!

  23. Oh I dunno about that.

    I was wearing a police uniform just the other night, and I happened to enjoy having my hair pulled during the arrest situation.

    Oh. That’s one of those things I’m not supposed to tell in public again, ain’t it?

  24. Drew

    Sweet. But, no handcuffs?

  25. max

    It is JanieBelle, I am willing to bet there were handcuffs involved.

  26. And leg irons, as it happens.

    You should see what I can do with a Tazer.

  27. max

    Um, when tazers enter the picture, it stops being fun.

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