things that are broken : part i


legs in rainI grew up pretty poor.

We used hand me downs. We shopped at used clothing stores. We made do, we got by, and we made things that were broken work.

Making things that do not work work is not something everyone can do but my dad is an electronics genius who can build stereo speakers from the ground up using pieces he took out of old broken speakers and probably he could build a rocket for N.A.S.A. out of old kitchen stoves if he put his mind to it he is that much of an electronics genius.

I am not an electronics genius.

I cannot do that.


where the art work comes from :
that is by visualage

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  1. Max, Blane can fix just about anything. Everyone calls him McGyver. Through the years he has taught me to fix things, to not be afraid of taking something apart to see how it works to find the part that doesn’t work.
    Pooks has met him, one time he Frankensteined her hard drive back to life.

  2. max

    Through necessity I have gotten decent at taking the computers apart and putting them back together. When it comes to other electronics though… yegads.

    I think it is a genetic thing. My dad is super good at this and so is one of his nephews. I do not have their gene I just stare at all the little wires like a deer in headlights.

  3. Yeah, I’m sorry, I can’t relate to this post.


  4. Oh, Max, I’m sorry, I’m buzzed and being obnoxious!

    But seriously, I can’t relate. Unless you count my mother selling our Christmas presents and hoarding the money from the family. We were poor in love.
    That was our huge deficiency!

  5. hi max…hope yout union is better than mine

    congrats on the move

    good to read yuh again

  6. max

    Wow, Criminy, I have not seen you in an age.

  7. i know…i have been busy busy busy, but i thought of you when the writers strike started and stopped watching all television.

    are you well?

  8. max

    The strike sucks and the union is already dropping things off the table that were the point of striking in the first place so that is not good but I am in a new place I am loving no more loft mayhem yay!

  9. ah, they’ve taken a page out of the united steelworkers book.

    glad the new place is loveable.

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