things i don't know


camerasThings I think I know :

My mother and father married specifically because my mother was pregnant.

I look exactly like my father — except for being one foot shorter and also that breasts and being a girl thing.

My first name is Russian.

I was named after a girl my father grew up next door to — who was Russian.


Things as far as I know : There is no Russian in my family line. They are all Czechs and Scots.


Things I do not know : Why true from Russia Russians keep taking one look at me and thinking I am Russian. To the point they instantly speak Russian to me.


Things I wonder : If something is going on no one told me about.


where the art work comes from :
that comes from akulis2

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  1. Maybe you were Russian in a prior life.

  2. Your first name is Russian. That’s a rather odd first name. Oh well…..parents. What can you say about them.

    You know….my parents also got married (sooner than they were planning) because mom wound up preggers. Oddly enough it wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that mom sat down and told me. It had just occurred to my sister that there were too few months between my parents anniversary and my birth.

    Just how stupid was I to never realize this?

  3. Well, If it makes you feel any better you know more about you than I do. There are things that you think know now that one day you not be so sure about. I love your name and your blog Max, thanks for sharing.

  4. Ben

    Well, I’m not going to spill any name beans but you sort of have your mother’s nose.

  5. You have Russian eyes. Seriously, you do. Check out any photos of the Romanovs and you’ll see it.

    Russian is a spooky language. No matter what they’re discussing, they always sound like they are talking about death. I prefer Portugese; not that I understand it any better, but they sound like they’re about to hate-fuck heatedly and I prefer that to talking about death.

    I mean, most nights. Well, tonight anyway. TMI?

  6. max

    Wait, I have the Welsh family blond spot and now i have the Romanov eyes too? What am I the missing link?

  7. max

    This all gets much more exciting when you know on one side I am the decendent of an infant dragged out of an avalanche that buried entire towns and no one could say who that baby’s parents were that baby was the only soul pulled out of that ice crypt alive so they named the baby Baby Avalanche Killed the Town Dead but in another language so it sounds more lyric.

    Of course this is one of those stories I picked up from family when I was a kid and they lie like ninjas.

  8. My Mom named me after her FORMER best friend.
    She hasn’t called me Anita in over 20 years- to Mom I’m just Marie.

    Families are weird.

  9. aj

    This could explain the Rusky spammer. Maybe a relative?

  10. Stiletto

    ‘I prefer Portugese; not that I understand it any better, but they sound like they’re about to hate-fuck heatedly and I prefer that to talking about death.’

    Ha. No wonder I’ve had boyfriends leave me for Brazilian chicks. I need to learn Portuguese. Or brush up on my hate f*cking.

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