these are not my numbers


disappearing by jungleorkidMy posts —

Are all numbers.

How many hours of sleep I get.

How many hours of sleep I do not get.

What time the leaf blower blew up my day.

What time the air compressor guy took me out of the running for president —

[Hey I could so be president.]

What time The Cougher started coughing.

What time The Cougher stopped coughing.

What time the vamp girls come home.

Everything is numbers.

But they are the numbers of other people.

These are not my numbers.


Soon I will have new numbers.

I wonder what they will be like.

I wonder if they will be mine.


where the art work comes from :
that is disappearing a little at a time by jungleorkid

8 Responses to these are not my numbers

  1. You should always be number one on your own blog.

  2. Get where you are coming from Max. Too often my life is dictated by the actions of others. I sleep in another room because of the taxi’s at weekends. You see it as numbers. I see it as intrusion. But I think we are both singing from the same songsheet.

  3. max

    Sound is totally intrusive. You cannot lock doors or windows against sound it comes straight into your home unasked for and unwanted.

  4. I hate numbers.
    Hate them.
    H-A-T-E THEM.

  5. Kym

    May your new numbers be

    1. Counting the cute QUIET new neighbors

    2. A clock that says noon when you wake up (ooo,it was so quiet, you slept in.)

    3. Your new low pulse rate

  6. max

    Wow, waking up at noon would be good. So would cute QUIET neighbors.

  7. You mean you’re ready to retire “666?” lol

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