there is a knock on the door


squirrel_banjoThere is a knock on the door.

It is the balcony door and the balcony is several feet off the ground and also barricaded so not a normal entrance way.

I open the door.

It is the squirrel.


I think maybe I’m not ready to get quite this close to the squirrel so I close the door and give him some space.


The next time I open the balcony door, there is a ginormous acorn on the door step.


There are two ways to interpret this:

One: A ginormous acorn fell on the balcony and the squirrel was on his way to retrieve it when I rudely interrupted him by opening the door.

Two: The squirrel left me a present.


Who knew squirrels were so romantic?


PS: Because I know at least half the people out there — and probably more — think I am overly imaginative and make this stuff up to be whimsical, here is a photo of the ginormous acorn the squirrel left me as a present. (It is next to a lighter too for scale.)



2 Responses to there is a knock on the door

  1. Max, it is without a doubt a gift from an admirer.

    I mean, seriously, who gives up a nut half the size of their head unless it is to the one whom they love?


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