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Sometimes —

When I talk to people I have this feeling they are trying to find riddles in me that are not there. I say something simple like, The sky is blue, and a day later they say, You said this thing, The sky is blue, and I have been thinking about what it means and I think it means the sky is an odd circumvention of the jet propulsion system. [I am making that up but you get the gist.] And I sit there, kind of perplexed, and finally say, Well no, it just sort of meant exactly what I said: The sky is blue.

When I get in these situations I always feel like the person I am talking to is looking at a blackboard behind my head trying to find clues when really they do not need clues. I am pretty much a what you see is what you get girl. I do not speak in code. I say what I mean.


The other side of the coin is someone who continually tells me what my reactions or actions should be or would be if I was really saying what was true in a situation. I say, Hey, that made me mad, that is why I did that. [Mad as in angry, not mad as in hatter.] The person says, Well if you were mad wouldn’t it be more logical to do this other thing?

I sit there in those scenarios thinking, Um, what about being mad is logical? Mad is not logic, mad is emotion and emotion is not logical. And also why are you trying to rewrite me or change the meanings of my actions instead of just believing me when I tell you, When I am mad, this is what I do?


where the art work comes from :
that is from mcmone

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  1. Subtext is best in Final draft, not in real life conversations.

  2. So….um……what you are really trying to say is that the sky isn’t blue?

  3. I do think there is a logical way to be mad or to respond to any number of emotions. Some are healthier than others. A proactive response is better than a reactive response. Proactive assumes responsibility. Reactive gives power to someone else. I’d rather be in power.

  4. max

    This is true but I find it really odd some people, when you say you are upset, will argue with you over whether or not you are upset instead of addressing the scenario that upset you.

    “I am upset.”
    “No you aren’t.”
    “Yes I am.”
    “No, if you were upset wouldn’t you act this other way?”
    “No, this is how I act when I am upset.”
    “I think you are wrong.”
    “This is not going to make me less upset.”
    “I already told you you are not upset.”

    Wow it is a good thing I am not dating that person any more. That was such a fast road to hell.

  5. Yeah. Simply put, that’s just retarded.

  6. max

    It is kind of terrible when you have this huge emotional pull towards a person and are thinking in your head, This is insane what am I doing here?, and thinking in your heart, This has to be a mistake why is this happening I cannot leave this person.


    Maybe I should really strike out for spinsterhood. It has its good points. Like no craziness.

  7. Yeah. But no sex either. And that’s not good.

    [I would imagine spinsterhood means you start talking to yourself. I’d say that’s a bit crazy.]

  8. max

    And that would be different from now how?

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